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Vibracolor® moonlight blue

Brilliant blue, fashionable & natural shades: The new blue opportunity for hair colorants

Brilliant blue, fashionable and natural shades – safe and effective hair dyes are in demand. With regulatory discussions about many blue colorants ongoing, our Vibracolor® Moonlight Blue cationic hair dye opens up special market opportunities. It is ideal for striking blue shades and dark natural colors, and is suitable for semi-permanent hair dyes as well as tinting conditioners and shampoos. Highly soluble in aqueous systems and stable under acidic conditions and offering good wash-fastness and light-fastness, Vibracolor® Moonlight Blue is effective and easy to formulate. It is the perfect choice for your modern, radiant and fashionable hair coloring concepts.

You can find additional information about Vibracolor® moonlight blue and contact your local BTC partner directly using our website for your industry.

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