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VMOX: the vinyl monomer for industrial coatings and printing inks now listed in TSCA

VMOX the new vinyl monomer for industrial coatings and printing inks from BASF is now listed in TSCA inventory. As of January 2020, it is therefore commercially available in USA for use in UV printing inks and 3D printing applications (SNUR’s).

VMOX is especially well suited for manufacturing UV-curing inks and coatings. For instance, it is used in digital UV inkjet printing as a reactive diluent. In such applications especially, the new vinyl monomer enables innovative coating formulations with a favourable toxicological profile. Alongside inks and coatings, VMOX can also be used in adhesives and 3D printing. 

UV coating of printed material: one monomer, many technical benefits

  • Low viscosity of around 4 mPas
  • Virtually odourless formulations possible
  • High reactivity with acrylates
  • Good adhesion on all common substrates – even at low dosages
  • High colour brilliance

Advantageous toxicological profile

According to the classification of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), VMOX neither constitutes a “serious health hazard” nor possesses “acute toxicity”. This labelling sets the new vinyl monomer apart from conventional products. Furthermore, VMOX is REACH-registered. “With VMOX, BTC offers an innovative vinyl monomer whose benefits are impressive on every level,” comments Juan Tortosa, Distribution Manager Business Iberia & Chemicals Europe, summing up the properties of the new product.

About TSCA: The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) is a United States law, that regulates the introduction of new or already existing chemicals. The TSCA inventory contains all existing chemical substances manufactured, processed, or imported in the United States.

Our Expert

Juan Tortosa has worked for BTC since 2011. Having been a specialist in paints and printing inks for many years, he supervises the Iberia region and plays a leading role in Europe as a whole. Tortosa began his career with an apprenticeship as a chemist and gained extensive experience in sales, always predominantly with responsibility for Europe. “Finding connections between products has always been an attractive aspect of technical sales for me,” he says. One stage of Tortosa's career was a four-year stint in the Netherlands, where he was European Head of Sales responsible for special binding agents and additives in the printing inks industry, industrial coatings and floor coatings, among other fields.

You can find additional information about VMOX in the corresponding One Pagers in the Download Centre. You can also contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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