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Wall paint for your health – Acronal® 6292 makes it possible!

Interior wall paints need to fulfil one purpose above all others: they must be wet scrub resistant, particularly when stains need to be removed with a damp cloth from time to time. But customers are also increasingly demanding low emission wall paints. After all, it is important that the air in children's rooms, bedrooms and interior spaces in general does not contain any environmental pollutants, even once the paint is dry. To fulfil both requirements and to offer a cost-effective solution, is now possible with Acronal®  6292. 

Highest quality in regard to scrub resistance and health

Acrylic binder Acronal® 6292, a new product developed by BASF, now makes it possible to produce a modern wall paint which offers highest quality in regard to wet scrub resistance and health. “This is all possible thanks to the fact that this new dispersion polymer features an extremely high pigment binding power,” says Klaus Braun, Business Manager Dispersions for Adhesives & Construction Europe at BTC. What makes the polymer truly special is its softness and the fact that it remains stable even at higher pH values. 

Wet scrub resistant paints without compromises

“Thanks to decades of expertise, BASF developers have now succeeded in introducing to the market a new dispersion that makes it possible to produce wet scrub resistant paints that contain only a minimal, harmless quantity of volatile organic compounds,” states Braun. 

Lower binder content, lower costs

Thanks to its high pigment binding power, Acronal® 6292 also offers cost advantages for paint manufacturers, because wet scrub resistant paints can be produced with less quantities of binders. An additional product feature boosts the harmlessness to health: the polymer remains stable even at higher pH values. Preservation free paints can now be produced. Biocides are necessary to produce paints based on traditional water-based dispersions to prevent algae and fungi growth that make the wall paint unusable. They are thus needed to guarantee a required storage stability – but they can also intensify, or even trigger, allergies. 

Acronal® 6292 – Find out more!

You can find additional information about Acronal® 6292 and its innovative, sustainable options for the formulation of wall paints and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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