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White wall paint with less titanium dioxide: the Opacity Toolbox

Anyone seeking to formulate white wall paint for indoor and outdoor applications in recent times has been faced with one key question: how can the proportion of titanium dioxide be reduced? The price of the pigment, which is essential for a brilliant white, has recently been very volatile. To solve this challenge, BTC Europe is offering the new Opacity Toolbox package consisting of three components. “The combination of the three products allows the proportion of titanium dioxide to be reduced by up to 30 percent,” comments Thomas Renz, Senior Technical Expert for the Dispersions division at BTC Europe. “This enables formulations at competitive prices. And it is also an advantage when it comes to sustainability, as the desired opacity is achieved with fewer resources.”

Innovative, organic and for less titanium dioxide: AQACell® HIDE 6299 opacifier

The first component of the Toolbox is the AQACell® HIDE 6299 opacifier, an organic pigment which enables paint formulations free from APEO and ammonia, thus granting formulators a great deal of leeway when creating a formula. Its effect is based on an innovative cavity technology for dispersing light. “This improves opacity without the need for any additional chemicals,” explains Thomas Renz. 

Distribution of titanium dioxide increases opacity of the white wall paint

The second component of the Toolbox is the Acronal® HIDE 6296 binder. The polymer dispersion supports a fine distribution of the titanium dioxide pigments. Another advantage is that Acronal® HIDE 6296 improves the dirt-repellent properties of a formulation. To bring the distribution of titanium dioxide to its maximum level, the Opacity Toolbox also contains the dispersing agent, Dispex® HIDE. Here, BTC customers can choose between three product variants for different pH values or viscosities. “This enables the formulation of wall paints with greater price stability, regardless of the paint class,” explains Thomas Renz, summing up the possibilities of the Opacity Toolbox.

Our expert

Few people know the innovative dispersion solutions of BASF as well as Thomas Renz: he began his career at the chemical corporation 38 years ago with an apprenticeship in the area of chemicals and technology. Over the subsequent decades he was involved in development projects as well as playing an active role in the commercial area and in technical marketing. More than ten years ago Renz then switched to BTC Europe, where he answers all questions relating to adhesives and construction materials as a Senior Technical Expert in the Dispersions division. “What’s exciting is that I have been able to accompany the development of dispersions over a period of four decades. Paint itself hasn’t been reinvented – but its properties are of higher quality in every way than at the beginning of my career,” says Renz.

You can find additional information on the Opacity Toolbox and contact your local BTC contact partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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