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Agro chemical additives > for fertilizer

A fast growing world population demands the wide-area cultivation of highly economic plants. With various products the agro industry ensures that the nutrient supply of the plants is optimated and limits the loss due to pest infestation.

Inert solvents & cosolvents for fertilizer

Brands of inert solvents & cosolvents for fertilizer

Agnique® (AMD)

Propylene carbonate

Properties and applications of inert solvents & cosolvents for fertilizer

The brands and products as given above are all used as water-soluble solvents.

Surfactants for fertilizer

Brands of fertilizer surfactants




Tetramethyldecynediol (TMDD)

Properties of fertilizer surfactants

The brands and products as given above are all used as wetting agents and low foaming surfactants 

Colours for fertilizer

To achieve optimal yield and quality crops demand essential nutrients. These needs are covered by fertilizers. Colouration of fertilizers helps to differentiate between specific types and qualities.

Brands of fertilizer colourants







Properties and applications of fertilizer colourants

Iragon® and Basacid® dyes are available either in liquid or powder form.

Xfast® and Pigmosol® are a pigment preparations

Luconyl® products are aqueous preparations of organic and inorganic pigments.

Dispers® products are aqueous preparations of organic pigments.

Other additives for fertilizer

Brands of fertilizer additives










Properties and applications of fertilizer additives

Trilon® types are used as chelating agents. In addition they can be used for the manufacturing of micronutrients. 
Chaufer® and Libfer® are FeEDDHA iron chelates, containing ortho-ortho isomers used to prevent and treat iron deficiency in the crop.

Librel encompass single and multiple EDTA chelated micronutrients used for the treatment of deficiencies in crops.

Luwax® and Poligen® types are used as anti-dust and anti-caking agents.

Nitrates, Sulphates and Urea-tech are inorganic salts.

About BTC

BTC Europe is BASF's European sales organization for small and medium-sized customers focused on specialty chemicals. Our solutions for the agricultural industry consist of additves for crop protection, for seed treatment, for fertilizer, which are solvents & cosolvents,  surfactants, colourants, and more. In addition the product portfolio contains products suitable for the synthesis of agrochemical specific active ingredients.


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