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Lubricants and additives > for Diesel Performance Packages

BASF KEROPUR® Diesel Performance Packages improve engine performance and reduces fuel consumption

BASF KEROPUR® Diesel Performance Packages

KEROPUR® Diesel Performance additives prevent and remove the harmful deposits that build up over time inside your engine and fuel system: BASF’s diesel additives ensure top performance and an optimal driving experience throughout the entire service life of all diesel engines.

Modern high-performance diesel engines require high quality fuels. Poor quality and untreated fuels can form deposits inside the fuel system that will reduce engine performance over time. For example, deposits in the fuel system and fuel injectors can reduce combustion efficiency, thereby increasing fuel consumption and emissions, whilst reducing engine performance.

KEROPUR® is a multifunctional, high-performance fuel additive formulated to restore and maintain full engine power and acceleration. It can help reduce engine “knocking” and improve the smooth running of all modern diesel engines, especially at low temperatures. BASF’s diesel additives can reduce maintenance issues and corrosion to ensure the high performance of a diesel engine throughout its entire service life.

KEROPUR® Diesel Performance Packages are effective for all diesel engines.

Protect engine, reduce emissions

KEROPUR® diesel additives remove already existing residues and prevent both new deposits and corrosion from forming inside the fuel system. The addition of friction modifiers and cetane booster technology promotes smooth efficient running and can reduce engine noise. The environment also benefits from fuel additives, after all, better engine performance reduces fuel consumption and thus also emissions.

Additives: Better stability for diesel fuels

The KEROPUR® Diesel Performance Package increases and improves the stability of modern diesel fuels, particularly those containing different biodiesel blends. Furthermore, the diesel additives help prevent the fuel filter from clogging.

The advantages at a glance

  • Removes existing deposits and prevents new deposits to maintain engine performance
  • Extends engine life and reduces maintenance costs
  • Lowers fuel consumption and reduces emissions
  • Improves the quality of the fuel

More Information at: Keropur D Diesel Additive (basf.com)