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Dispersing agents > as additives for detergents and cleaning products

BTC’s product portfolio covers a wide range dispersing agents used in detergents and cleaner formulations. Dispersing agents in the detergents and cleaners industry (industrial and institutional – I&I - and home care) are also known as scale inhibitors or crystal growth inhibitors because they prevent the deposition of water hardness ions.

BTC’s products belong chemically to the class of water soluble polymers and are either homopolymers or copolymers of acrylic sources.


Sokalan® PA (homo-polyacrylates)
Sokalan® CP (co-polyacrylates)


Sokalan®  types are anionic water soluble polymers. They are used as

  • fully neutralized products, like polyacrylate sodium salt or
  • partly neutralized (PN) product or
  • as an acidic polyacrylate (S).

Sokalan® PA are water soluble homopolymers of acrylic acid. They are available

  • with low molecular weight,
  • with medium and high molecular weight,
  • as liquids,
  • or as solid (granules) products.

Some Sokalan® PA types are containing the index “CL”. CL indicates the compatibility with chlorine containing substances which are frequently used in cleaning and detergent formulations.

Sokalan® CP are water soluble copolymers of acrylic acid and other monomers. Certain Sokalan® CP types are specifically polymerized, thus they provide certain properties like hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties. These properties are helpful especially for formulators to adjust their formulation in terms of surface modification (less spotting, less filming).


Mainly BTC’s Sokalan® dispersing agents are used to eliminate or reduce the impact of water hardness ions during the application of the detergent or cleaning formulation.

State-of-the-art laundry formulations consist of sodium polyacrylates, like our Sokalan® types. High molecular weight polyacrylates like our Sokalan® CP are used as builder respectively co-builder in laundry detergents. They reduce the negative impact of water hardness ions and in addition enhance the performance of the surfactants.

Automatic dishwashing (ADW) formulations, either solids or liquids, consist of polyacrylates, like our Sokalan® PA types. They are mostly of medium molecular weight. State-of-the-art ADW products offer more than a cleaning function, like the x-in-1 products (multifunctionality). Sodium polyacrylates and/or modified sodium polyacrylates enable multifunctionality, like

  • reducing impact of water hardness ions,
  • improved water rinse,
  • no spots on the dishes.

Cleaners in general are often formulated with

  • sodium polyacrylates and/or
  • modified sodium polyacrylates,
  • in combination with complexing additives to inhibit negative impact triggered by calcium and magnesium ions.

In addition our BTC dispersing agents help keeping the crystals dispersed in the liquor phase and inhibiting a re-deposition on surfaces.

Further products for the detergents and cleaners industry (industrial and institutional – I&I - and home care)

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About BTC

BTC Europe is BASF's European sales organization for small and medium-sized customers focused on specialty chemicals. Our solutions for the detergents and cleaners industry cover surfactants, polymers and performance polymers, complexing agents, and colourants.