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Complexing agents > for prevention of calcification in detergents and cleaning agents

BTC offers under the brand name Trilon® a broad product range of high performance and innovative complexing agents, also known as chelating agents. Chelating agents are able to prevent the deleterious impact of calcification in detergents and cleaning agents. The chelating agents of the Trilon® product range are used, besides others,

  • to avoid the formation of poorly soluble precipitations,
  • to prevent the undesirable decomposition of constituents of formulations,
  • to prevent discolouration or rancidity.

They bind and mask reliably the metal ions and guarantee smooth processing and efficient employment of water. The production of detergents and cleaners triggers a huge demand complexing agents which can be fulfilled with BTCs Trilon® grades.



Properties of Trilon® grades for the prevention of calcification in detergents and cleaning agents

BTC’s Trilon® chelating agents belong mainly to the class of amino carboxylates which are organic complexing agents. They are available

  • in powder or in liquid form, or as granules;
  • as pure acid version or salt version;
  • in very high purity as high-quality grades for special applications

Household and industrial cleaning formulations include chelating additives to soften hard water. Thus, the formation of lime scale, inorganic scale formation is prevented. Trilon® grades form typically 1:1 complexes. The high stability of these compounds makes them ideal for many industrial processes. They show a very good solubilisation property of the formed complexes.

Based on the used amino carboxylic acid the following organic chelating additives are available:   

  • Trilon® B grades; ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid, or Na-salt (EDTA)
  • Trilon® M grades; methylglycine diacetic acid (MGDA)
  • Trilon® Ultimate grades; modified MGDA
  • Trilon® P grade (modified anionic polyamine)

The Trilon® P grade is a non-amino polycarboxylate. It provides outstanding chelating properties especially for chelating iron molecules in alkaline areas.

Trilon® M grades represent the newest generation of complexing agents. Based on methylglycine diacetic acid the product provides a very good chelating performance in addition with a readily biodegradability property. The excellent ecological and toxicological profile of Trilon® M has been verified in various repeated studies.

The Trilon® M grades offer versatile synergistic properties like

  • enhanced stain removal property;
  • substitute for sodium tripolyphosphate. The strongly limited use of phosphates as a builder in detergents, especially in home care automatic dish washing formulations, triggers the need of phosphate-free alternatives.

Trilon® M Max grades provide extra performance like colour stability.

Trilon® M Max based now on renewable resources. Trilon® M Max BioBased and Trilon® M Max EcoBalanced. Thus sustainability of chelating agents are taken to the next level. Trilon® M Max BioBased is produced from sugar-based Alanin, thus the content of bio-based carbon is measurable. Trilon® M Max BioBased guarantees a bio-based Carbon Content of 43% with a total bio-based content of 32% (also considering other elements such as oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen). 

Trilon® M Max EcoBalanced, the first renewables-based Trilon® M grade produced according to the biomass balance approach. This approach replaces fossil feedstock with renewable feedstock such as bio-naphtha or biogas at the very beginning of production. The renewable feedstock is then allocated to Trilon® M Max EcoBalanced, using a TÜV Nord-certified method. This allows BASF to fully replace fossil feedstock by renewables, not only saving scarce fossil resources, but also reducing damaging greenhouse gas emissions. The Trilon® M Max EcoBalanced is 100 percent renewables-based, thus helping to protect the environment and the climate without compromising on the high quality BASF customers expect. Trilon® M Max EcoBalanced has now been awarded certification based on the global REDcert2 scheme. In 2019, BASF transferred certification of biomass balanced products to the new global REDcert2 scheme for the chemical industry. BASF has established a closed chain of custody for the biomass balance approach that extends from the renewable feedstock right through to the final product. Independent certification by TÜV Nord in compliance with the global REDcert2 scheme confirms to the customer that BASF has fully replaced the entire quantity of fossil feedstock required to make Trilon® M Max EcoBalanced with renewables right from the start of the production process.

Trilon® Ultimate grades are modified MGDA grades. They show besides others improved anti glass corrosiveness.

Applications of Trilon® grades for the prevention of calcification in detergents and cleaning agents

BTC’s Trilon® grades are used in applications like

  • formulations for automatic dish washing, either liquid or solid; 
  • chelate based and phosphate-free builder systems; 
  • laundry formulations;
  • formulations for floor and hard surface cleaners, toilet cleaners and car cleaners.

Further applications for our Trilon® grades include

  • industrial and institutional cleaners for the food and beverage industry;
  • cleaners for the dairy industry;
  • ware washing and professional car, truck and bus cleaning formulations.


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