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Complexing agents > for the manufacturing of micronutrients used in agricultural industry

BTC offers under the brand name Trilon® a broad product range of high performance and innovative complexing agents, also known as chelating agents. Chelating agents are able to complex metal ions. Thus they are used to produce micronutrients. Those produced micronutrients act as plant nutrition and provide healthy growth and yield of a plant.  Trilon® products are ideal products for the manufacturing of micronutrients based on several metal ions, like iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), zinc (Zn), magnesium (Mg), copper (Cu) and further more metal ions.



Properties of Trilon® complexing agents for the manufacturing of micronutrients

BTC’s Trilon® chelating agents belong mainly to the class of amino carboxylates which are organic complexing agents. They are available

  • in powder or in liquid form, or as granules;
  • as pure acid version or salt version;
  • in very high purity as high-quality grades for special applications.

Chelating agents differentiate

  • in the performance of binding capacity to form complexes,
  • in the stability of the formed complexes.

Based on the used amino carboxylic acid the following organic chelating additives are available:  

  • Trilon® B grades; ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid, or Na-salt (EDTA)
  • Trilon® M grades; methylglycine diacetic acid (MGDA)

Mostly the Trilon®B types are used for the manufacturing of micronutrients. The presence of free metal ions, such as iron, copper, calcium, manganese and further other metals, allows to form stable complexes rsp. micronutrients. Trilon®B forms typically 1:1 complexes. High stability of these compounds makes them ideal and provide a very good solubilisation property of the formed complexes (micronutrient) when they are used.

The newest generation of complexing agent is reflected by the Trilon® M grades. Based on methylglycine diacetic acid the product provides a very good chelating performance in addition with a readily biodegradability property. The excellent ecological and toxicological profile of Trilon® M has been verified in various repeated studies.

Applications of Trilon® complexing agents for the manufacturing of micronutrients

Besides the use of macroscopic fertilizers which are known as NPK-fertilizers the use of micronutrients is essential for a healthy growth of a plant. High soluble micronutrients for plant nutrition are often produced by chelating agents. Established in the agricultural industry are micronutrients based on EDTA - ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid. Thus the Trilon®B grades are preferably used, either in acidic form or as a sodium salt.

The new generation of chelating agents with improved ecological properties is represented by MGDA (methylglycine diacetic acid). MGDA can be used as single chelate or in combination with EDTA to produce agricultural micronutrient products.