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Complexing agents > as set retarders for the construction industry

BTC offers under the brand name Trilon® a broad product range of high performance and innovative chelating agents. In the construction industry chelating agents are used as set retarders. They prevent the deleterious effects of metal ions during the hydration step of concrete when it is applied. Trilon® grades are able to bind and mask reliably the metal ions and guarantee a smooth hardening process.

BTC’s products are supplied as powder, granules, or in liquid form and belong mainly to the class of amino carboxylates which are organic complexing agents. Beside the aggregate condition the portfolio range offers for some types. Either the pure acid version or the salt version is available Special applications request a very high purity, such high-quality grades are part of the product portfolio, too.



Properties of Trilon® chelating agents as set retarders

BTC’s Trilon® chelating agents belong mainly to the class of amino carboxylates which are organic complexing agents. They are available

  • in powder or in liquid form, or as granules;
  • as pure acid version or salt version;
  • in very high purity as high-quality grades for special applications.

Chelating agents differentiate

  • in the performance of binding capacity to form complexes,
  • in the stability of the formed complexes.

Based on the used amino carboxylic acid the following organic chelating additives are available:

  • Trilon® B grades; ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid, or Na-salt (EDTA)
  • Trilon® M grades; methylglycine diacetic acid (MGDA)
  • Trilon® P grade (modified anionic polyamine)

The newest generation of complexing agent is reflected by the Trilon® M grades. Based on methylglycine diacetic acid the product provides a very good chelating performance in addition with a readily biodegradability property. The excellent ecological and toxicological profile of Trilon® M has been verified in various repeated studies.
Trilon® P as a non-amino polycarboxylate provides outstanding chelating properties especially for chelating iron molecules in alkaline areas like in concrete processing.

Applications of Trilon® chelating agents as set retarders

The Trilon® chelating range is favourably used as set retarders in plaster and cement. Calorimetric tests with cement paste proofed the shift of the hydration heat peak, thus the cement is longer flowable and shifts the setting time (hardening time). For the manufacturing of concrete admixtures Trilon® grades are used as set retarders. They contribute in addition to an improved concrete quality. Set retarding concrete admixtures delay the chemical reaction (hydration) when the concrete starts the setting (hardening) process.