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Complexing agents > for complexing metal ions in technical applications

BTC offers under the brand name Trilon® a broad product range of high performance and innovative complexing agents, also known as chelating agents. Chelating agents are able to prevent the deleterious impact of metal ions in technical applications. The presence of free metal ions, such as iron, copper, calcium, manganese and further other metals, reduces efficiency or quality of the product due to their catalytic activity, precipitation or increased microbial growth. Trilon® chelating agents are applied in the manufacture of pulp- and paper, electronic or chemical surface treatment processes, bleaching processes in textile/leather industry, and versatile chemical processes where metal ions can negatively impact the process.



Properties of Trilon® chelating agents for complexing metal ions in technical applications

BTC’s Trilon® chelating agents belong mainly to the class of amino carboxylates which are organic complexing agents. They are available 

  • in powder or in liquid form, or as granules;
  • as pure acid version or salt version;
  • in very high purity as high-quality grades for special applications

Chelating agents differentiate in the performance of binding capacity to form complexes and in the stability of the formed complexes. Trilon® grades form typically 1:1 complexes. The high stability of these compounds makes them ideal for many industrial processes. They show a very good solubilisation property of the formed complexes. 

Based on the used amino carboxylic acid the following organic chelating additives are available:   

  • Trilon® B grades; ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid, or Na-salt (EDTA)
  • Trilon® M grades; methylglycine diacetic acid (MGDA)

Based on polymer chemistry the following chelating additive is available

  • Trilon® P grade (modified anionic polyamine)

Trilon® M grades represent the newest generation of complexing agents. Based on methylglycine diacetic acid the product provides a very good chelating performance in addition with a readily biodegradability property. The excellent ecological and toxicological profile of Trilon® M has been verified in various repeated studies. 

The Trilon® P grade is a non-amino polycarboxylate. It provides outstanding chelating properties especially for chelating iron molecules in alkaline areas. 

Applications of Trilon® chelating agents for complexing metal ions in technical applications

In order to avoid the formation of poorly soluble precipitations or to prevent the undesirable decomposition of constituents of formulations, the chelating agents of the Trilon® product range bind and mask reliably the metal ions, known as complexing. They guarantee smooth processing and efficient employment of water.

Manufacturing of pulp- and paper

In the manufacturing of pulp and paper Trilon® grades are used

  • to degrade the uncomplexed metal ions which catalyse the degradation of hydrogen peroxide and ozone,
  • to increase the efficiency and durability of the bleaching agents,
  • to enhance the effectiveness of bleach systems,
  • to achieve higher brightness levels,
  • to control scaling.

Electronic or chemical surface treatment processes

Trilon® grades are basically used to

  • decrease metal precipitation from metal salts in treatment baths during treatment process and storage;
  • deactivate foreign metal ion impurities in the treatment bath. Thus the quality of the final product is improved.

Textile and leather applications

Chelating additives are applied in bleaching processes in the textile and leather industry. Similar to the pulp and paper industry the bleaching applications cover 

  • stabilization of peroxide bleaching liquors against decomposition by trace metals,
  • removal of trace metals for the protection of dyestuffs and prevention of streaking, spotting, dullness,
  • reduction of shade changes,
  • prevention of metallic-based stains on fabric during scouring and bleaching,
  • prevention of scale formation.

Versatile chemical processes

In chemical processes where metal ions can negatively impact the process, the use of Trilon® grades help to eliminate the deleterious effects. Chelates are applied in formulations requesting a very low metal concentration.  They enable to improve product yields and quality.