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Stabilizers > for detergents and cleaning agents

For the manufacturers of detergents and cleaning products BTC offers various stabilizers under the brands Tinogard® and Cibafast®. They act as UV absorbers and antioxidants against the degradation of colourants, the degradation of parfumes or other ingredients which are sensitive against auto-oxidation like fatty acids or oils, besides others. In addition BTC offers a unique technology - Excited State Quencher™ (ESQ®) - enabling synergistic performance with UV absorbers. BTC’s stabilizers are specifically designed to the needs of cleaning and detergents agents.

Brands of stabilizers



Properties of Cibafast® and Tinogard® stabilizers

UV absorbers and Excited State Quencher™ (ESQ®) are used to avoid colour fading, yellowing, viscosity changes and olfactory problems in clear packed products. ESQ® boost the efficacy of UV absorbers. The products are

  • either soluble in water, or
  • soluble in the oil phase (oil, fragrance, alcohols),
  • an alternative against Benzophenone derivates which are affected by a ban in certain regions.

The typical incorporation rate is 0.01% - 0.1% active matter. All Tinogard® UV absorbers are Benzotriazoles.

By absorbing light, molecules take in the energy of light, which renders them more reactive (excited state) and makes them prone to degradation. Excited State Quenchers (ESQ®) take the energy from excited molecules before they start decomposing or reacting. This mechanism is especially effective in combination with UV-absorbers. 

Antioxidants are needed because compounds, respectively ingredients, can oxidize during synthesis, mixing, processing, storage or application due to the fact that oxygen is always present. Fatty and oily ingredients, waxes and fragrance compounds are especially sensitive to oxidation. Almost all fragrances and many oil, or fat, or wax containing formulations need antioxidants to ensure sufficient stability. The Tinogard® antioxidants are either

  • phenolic antioxidants, which are alternatives to butylhydroxytoluol (BHT) and controversial discussed in the chemical industry related to their toxicology and ecotox profile, or
  • non-phenolic antioxidants.

The majority of antioxidants is based on phenol structures. They inactivate highly destructive species (radicals) formed during oxidation. Phenolic antioxidants stabilize by scavenging radicals, whereas non-phenolic stabilizers inactivate peroxides (non-radical mechanism). Typical incorporation rate is 0.01% - 0.1% active matter.

Applications of Cibafast® and Tinogard® stabilizers

Our Cibafast® and Tinogard® UV light stabilizers, Tinogard® antioxidants and Tinogard® Excited State Quencher™ (ESQ®) technolgy are used, besides others, in formulations for

  • air care products,
  • hard surface cleaners,
  • manual dishwashing liquids.

Excited State Quencher™ (ESQ®) technology is often combined with UV light stabilizers to improve performance by synergistic effects.

Further Products for detergents and cleaning agents

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About BTC

BTC Europe is BASF's European sales organization for small and medium-sized customers focused on specialty chemicals. Our solutions for the stabilization of detergents and cleaning agents comprise UV light stabilizers, antioxidants and Excited State Quencher™ (ESQ®) technology.