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Pigments and pigment preparations > for automotive & industrial coatings

BTC Europe are a major supplier of BASF’s pigments, dyes and preparations into the general industrial paint market. The demands can vary from small domestic item e.g. electronic equipment in the form of laptops and cookers, garden furnishings, where aesthetic appeal is critical through to road marking and heavy earth moving equipment with exterior performance demands. Our portfolio is extensive in order that we can meet these requirements both on colouristic and technical performance level. Current focus on legislation in lead free and VOC levels play an important role in our portfolio to provide customers with the options and support in selection as required. Future conservation issues on energy bring BTC’s colouration products into the forefront of pigments for heat management. 

Organic pigments for automotive & industrial coatings



Properties and applications of organic pigments for automotive & industrial coatings

BTC’s Cinquasia® pigments covering violet and bordeaux shades are used in many exterior coatings. They are semi-transparent allowing subtle and unique shades to be created either as a mono colour or in combination with transparent oxides. Their chemistry group quinacridone is renowned for high durability and chemical resistance.


Irgazin® pigments primarily cover the red, orange and yellow. They function in deep and pale shade for chroma and durability in combination with transparent oxides or in opaque shades with Sicopal®, Sicotan®, and Paliotan® grades. Their DPP chemistry allows for high durability, solvent resistance and chemical resistance for both solvent and water based systems. They play a role in lead free formulations for mid and high performance coatings.


Pigments of the Cromophtal® range are mainly mid to high performance products in the yellow, red and violet space usually with high intrinsic strength for cost effective shades. Their chemistry groups range from Azo condensation, Benzimidazolone through to the Dioxazine violet pigments. Both in the red and yellow colour space these pigments play a role in lead free shades as shading components in conjunction with our inorganic pigments.


Heliogen® phthalocyanine blue pigments and Heliogen®green pigments have one of the best cost performance ratios with very high intrinsic strength coupled with outstanding durability and chemical resistance. This chemistry group is present in all exterior wood coating systems and consists of a broad range of products available to fit customer needs in both water and solvent systems based systems. They exhibit outstanding durability and chemical resistance.


The Irgalite® range of classical organic pigments red and yellow pigments are frequently used in deep shades due to their high opacity. They are generally very cost effective however this does limit them to mid term life cycle applications rather than long life coatings. It generally fits into the road marking industry, storage cabinets, skips etc.


Paliogen® pigments are very high performance organic pigments with high colour strength. They cover shades from yellow to red, blue and violet. For exterior coatings based on performance levels and for domestic applications where unique rich shades can be achieved in the yellow brown to red shade brown colour space to bring added value.


Paliotol® in the yellow and orange colour space represent very high chroma pigments used primarily in deep shades for very high impact shades. Chemistry types range from quinophthalone currently used for both interior and exterior, Isoindoline mid shade yellows through to a bright orange Pyrazalone with primary application in interior paints and exterior in deep shades.


Paliotan® is a hybrid range of inorganic - organic pigment designed specifically so that bring together the high opacity of inorganic pigments couples with the high chroma of organic pigments.They are available in yellow through to red and include many newer products for cost effective lead free formulations. These products find application primarily in exterior applications for construction equipment and functional safety shades. 

Inorganic pigments for automotive & industrial coatings



Properties and applications of inorganic pigments for automotive & industrial coatings

BTC’s Sicopal® types comprise a range of high chroma, high opacity inorganic pigments. These products find application in opaque coatings and represent the backbone of many lead free shades that are then shaded with organic pigments. All Sicopal® pigments ranging from yellow and orange through to blues and greens exhibit high levels of durability and temperature stability and are ideally suited to construction equipment, marine and coil coating applications.


Sicotan® pigments are inorganic mixed-phase yellow and brown pigments. These products find application in opaque coatings. Clearly not in the same colour space as many organic pigments these pigments form the backbone of many brown shades were they impart high opacity and durability which can support certain organic pigments to avoid any dramatic colour shift during fade. They are generally much cleaner than inorganic iron based products and highly cost effective.


Sicotrans® pigments are transparent red and yellow iron oxide pigments, which are extremely finely divided. They find application in transparent coating over metal, for example wheel trims and selective domestic appliances.

Pigment preparations for automotive & industrial coatings



Properties and applications of pigment preparations for automotive & industrial coatings

With the need for reduced VOC levels BTC provides a range of aqueous dispersions that have found application within the industrial water based refinish market. The Luconyl® grades cover a wide range of colour space and chemistry types. Thus the flexibility of predispersed pigments is given without the need for capital investment in dispersion equipment. They can be applied in an easy to use liquid form which is easily pourable, quality controlled and optimized for your needs.


Xfast® are predispersed powders requiring only stir in facilities and giving the customer the highest degree of formulation flexibility. Xfast® can be used both in inhouse tinting and at point of sale and find significant demand in both interior and exterior coatings. A wide range of organic and inorganic pigments within the portfolio gives maximum cover within colour space and the ability to select tailor made solutions.


In Sicoflush® predispersed highly transparent oxides are used. Sicoflush® is used in decorative metal coating and a variety of general industrial applications.


The Microlith® range is a family of predispersed pigments which require simply high speed stirring. The portfolio covers both solvent and water based options.
They are used primarily interior. They exhibit higher transparency than conventional pigments to provide high impact for packaging and decorative foil metal display items. Application in wood are frequent as they benefit from the improved lightfastness and chemical resistance normally attributed to pigments compared with dyestuffs.


See also our Expertise Plus Newsletter article an ecological answer to market needs: Luconyl® NG.