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Pigments and pigment preparations > for inks and printing

BTC Europe supplies BASF’s organic and inorganic pigments, solid and liquid pigment preparations for the colouration of inks, printings and packaging. With our extensive product range we have the unique opportunity to meet all your colouration requirements.

Pigments for inks and printing



Properties and applications of pigments for inks and printing

The wide range of Irgalite® azo pigments combines excellent colour strength, good transparency and rheology with relatively good fastness. Irgalite® pigments are suitable for water- and solvent-based as well as energy-curable inks for the packaging and industrial printing.


Irgazin® pigments are high-performance red, orange DPP and yellow isoindolinone pigments characterized by their outstanding weathering fastness. They are highly suitable for applications where resistance to all kind of conditions is required. Irgazin® pigments are suitable for water- and solvent-based as well as energy curable formulations for all kind of printing applications.


Paliogen® pigments are high-performance red and black perylene, indanthrone blue and anthraquinone red pigments that combine high colour strength with transparency and excellent fastness to light, weather, heat and chemicals. They are designed for specialized printing ink applications.


Paliotol® pigments are high-performance organic yellow pigments from greenish to reddish shades, mainly based on quinophthalone and isoindoline chemical classes. With excellent fastness and good rheology, Paliotol® pigments are the high-performance solutions.

Pigment preparations for inks and printing



Properties and applications of pigment preparations for inks and printing

Dispers® is making your life easier. Dispers liquid pigment preparations provide broad compatibility with water-based systems and are suitable for water-based flexographic and gravure inks. Dispers® preparations have high colour strength, they are very fine and have a narrow particle size distribution. They are imparting transparency and gloss. They have excellent storage stability and they are glycol-free in order to avoid any issues with drying ink properties.


Microlith® solid pigment preparations are used where transparency, quality and easy dispersibility is needed. They are based on high-grade organic pigments of various chemical classes and are pre-dispersed in different resin types suitable for all inks.


Thanks to their very small particle size and extremely narrow particle size distribution, Microlith® pigment preparations exhibit superb colour strength and yield inks with outstanding gloss and transparency. Microlith® preparations are easy to incorporate without the need of preliminary milling. The resulting inks exhibit outstanding flocculation resistance and sedimentation stability. In combination with pearlescent or metallic pigments, Microlith® preparations are high-durability alternatives to dyes and provide outstanding effects with high fastness. The Microlith® series are high-value pigment preparations which allow the easy creation of vivid colour effects while ensuring high formulation flexibility.

Microlith® A pigment preparations are used in applications such as glossy and transparent decorations on clear films, aluminium and metalized films as well as heat-seal-resistant prints on various packaging materials.
Microlith® J is highly compatible with solvent- and UV acrylate-based formulations.
Microlith® K is suitable for rotogravure, screen and inkjet printing and provides excellent adhesion on rigid and flexible PVC, PUR and aluminium foils.
Microlith® WA pigment preparations are used in applications such as water-based printing inks for PVC floor and wall coverings as well as for most kinds of packaging materials.