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Pigments > for architectural coatings

BTC supplies pigments that allow our end users to customize their living style from high impact to subtle tones by providing maximum colour space within our portfolio. Technically exterior architectural coating can be demanding both by the systems used and the required life cycle of the coating which requires high durability and often chemical resistance. BTC’s pigments produced by BASF are specifically designed for these demanding applications.


Organic pigments


Inorganic pigments


Properties and applications of organic pigments for architectural coatings

BTC’s Cinquasia® pigments covering violets and bordeaux shade are used in many tinting systems to enable high chroma deep shades and clean pale shades, frequently used as blue shading components with reds. Their quinacridone chemistry builds on chemical stability coupled with high strength and durability which makes them ideally suited to both interior and exterior applications.

Pigments of the Cromophtal® range are mainly mid to high performance products in the yellow, red and violet space usually with high intrinsic strength for cost effective shades. Their chemistry groups range from Azo condensation, Benzimidazolone through to the dioxazine violet pigments. They can selectively be used for both interior and exterior coating.

Heliogen® phthalocyanine blue pigments and Heliogen® Green pigments have one of the best cost performance ratios with very high intrinsic strength coupled with outstanding durability and chemical resistance. This chemistry group is present in all decorative tinting systems with a broad selection of products available to fit customer needs in both water and solvent systems based systems. They exhibit outstanding durability and chemical resistance.

The Irgalite® range of classical organic pigments red and yellow pigments are frequently used in base paints and interior applications due to their high opacity and are generally very cost effective however this does come with some degree of reduction in durability in pale shades and chemical resistance. The Irgalite® range is generally suitable only in deep shades in conjunction with inorganic pigments for exterior applications.

Irgazin® pigments primarily cover the red, orange and yellow space. They function in deep and pale shade for chroma and durability and in internal areas where sunlight demands higher performance to avoid fade effects. Their DPP chemistry allows for high durability, solvent resistance and chemical resistance. They are frequently used in exterior coatings.

Paliogen® pigments are very high performance organic pigments with high colour strength. They cover shades from yellow to red, blue and violet.

Paliotol®in the yellow and orange colour space represent very high chroma pigments used primarily in deep shades for very high impact shades. Chemistry types range from quinophthalone currently used for both interior and exterior, Isoindoline mid shade yellows through to a bright orange Pyrazalone with primary application in interior paints and in exterior for deep shades.

Properties and applications of inorganic pigments for architectural coatings

BTC’s Sicopal®types comprise a range of high chroma, high opacity inorganic pigments. These products find application in opaque coatings across both pale and deep shades. All Sicopal®pigments ranging from yellow and orange through to blues and greens have excellent fastness to light and weathering for indoor and outdoor applications.

Sicotan® pigments are inorganic mixed-phase yellow and brown pigments. Clearly not in the same colour space as many organic pigments these pigments form the backbone of many red and yellow shades were they impart high opacity and durability which can support certain organic pigments to avoid any dramatic colour shift during fade. They are generally much cleaner than inorganic iron based products and are highly cost effective. They form the basis of offers into silicate emulsion paints where chemical resistance is very demanding.

Sicotrans® pigments are transparent iron oxide pigments, which are extremely finely divided. The intrinsic strength of these products is higher. They are also colouristically higher in chroma than conventional iron oxide pigments. They are currently considered to be technically one of the best products in the market.


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