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Pigment preparations > for achitectural coatings in-plant-tinting (IPT)

BTC’s pigment preparations are completely dispersed pigments in a liquid or solid form for the direct use in your production of aqueous emulsion paints for in-plant-tinting and in-can-tinting. A special selection of point-of-sale tinters is also available for tintometric systems in your production facilities or your shops. These pigment dispersions formulated with our unique pigment and additive knowhow cover a wide range of colour space and chemistry types both organic and inorganic. The extensive portfolio allows for use both in cost effective interior paints and the more demanding longer life for exterior coatings.


Compared to powder pigments, pigment preparations

  • enable cost savings in term of capital investment,
  • make turnkey solutions available,
  • save resources on quality control testing and production,
  • reduce development time,
  • allow greater resource allocation to your core business (paint production),
  • allow you to achieve a maximum of shades over a wide range of applications and reducing your stock.

The value of preparations can only truly be found in your system.






Our ranges of Luconyl®, Luconyl®NG and Xfast® pigment preparations are characterized by

  • High colour strength: the pigment is dispersed to its optimum to allow full value in pale and pastel shades.
  • Good colour stability: storage stability and compatibility illustrate optimum formulation and ensure lower risk of quality control topics.
  • High saturation: maximum flexibility in formulating colour shades. The higher the chroma the more colour space can be reached.
  • Durability: illustrates quality and allows positioning for premium paints.
  • Broad shade selection: correct positioning for easier colour matching
  • Long shelf life: ensures minimum stock issues and lower quality control problems.
  • High opacity: for deep to full shades, opacity is valued due to lower film thickness requirements

Our pigment preparation portfolio for water-based paints for in-plant-tinting



  • Especially suited for more traditional glycol containing paints;
  • Wide spectrum of applicational properties for interior and exterior use;
  • Can be complemented with additional pigment preparation from Luconyl® NG range for further application options.


  • APEO-Free;
  • Few products out of this range are not containing any glycol and are VOC-free.




  • Specific introduction of chromophores suitable for silicate, silicone resin emulsion and plasters applications;
  • Consists of the broadest range of different pigment chemistries;
  • Low concentration grades available for certain chromophores.


  • Fulfills the requirements of significant amount of eco labels within European regulations;
  • APEO-, VOC- & SVOC-free status with low odor;
  • No labelling required in terms of GHS* (2015);
  • MIT free.




  • Stir-in/Shake-in solid pigment preparation
  • Can be used directly as delivered or in a water-based paste based on Xfast®
  • Very high pigment content
  • Low concentration options
  • Easier to obtain more opaque coatings.


  • No labelling required in terms of GHS* (2015);
  • APEO-, VOC- and SVOC-free;
  • Compliant with the most common Eco-labels and directives;
  • Almost unlimited shelf-life;
  • MIT free, fungicide free (no IPBC).

*GHS: Globally Harmonized System


In water-based architectural coatings our Luconyl®, Luconyl®NG and Xfast® pigment preparations offer a full selection of possibilities for in-plant-tinting, in-can-tinting and tintometric systems (POS point-of-sale) in your production or shops.

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About BTC

BTC Europe is BASF's European sales organization for small and medium-sized customers focused on specialty chemicals. Our solutions for the coatings industry cover besides pigments and pigment preparations also dispersions and performance additives.