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Pigment preparations > for achitectural coatings point-of-sale (POS)

BTC’s pigment preparations Luconyl®NG and Xfast® are completely dispersed pigments in a liquid or solid form for the direct use in your tintometric system (POS point-of-sales). Xfast® is the first solid colourant allowing to be used in a solid dispenser specifically design for this purpose, offering a step change in the world of POS by having all the advantages of manipulating a dry product. If not used directly in a dispenser, out of Xfast® you can also produce your own colourants to be used in your liquid dispenser.


Luconyl®NG and Xfast® are suitable for use in aqueous paint systems. They are also suitable for in-plant-tinting and in-can-tinting.  These pigment dispersions formulated with our unique pigment and additive knowhow cover a wide range of colour space and chemistry types both organic and inorganic. The extensive portfolio allows for use both in cost effective interior paints and the more demanding longer life for exterior coatings.

Together with Luconyl®NG and Xfast®, we offer additional services to support you in setting up your own tintometric system. Please contact us to discuss your specific project.





Xfast® Easy Colour is a smart and easy to use, fully dispersed solid pigment preparation that can be used in a solid dispenser specifically designed for a solid tintometric system to be used either in your production facility or at your shops. This technology is the first in the market to allow to combine the advantages of a solid pigment preparation form with the flexibility of a tintometric system.

Next to its intrinsic product characteristics of Xfast® listed below, compared to a liquid tintometric systems it will allow you cost savings in your process (e.g. maintenance, energy, handling, waste). Advantages of Xfast® are

  • nearly unlimited shelf-life relative to liquids,
  • compliant with the majority of eco-labels,
  • MIT-free, fungicide free (no IPBC).
  • high pigment load up to 85%,
  • low dusting, free flowing,
  • no residual product after use.


The Luconyl® NG range of BTC is a professional and eco-friendly pigment paste generation, which fulfills the highest standards of a future-oriented POS mixing system.


Main features and benefits

  • The range is professionally realized and extensively tested in the most common POS dispensers, assuring you excellent dosing properties in your tinting machine
  • Luconyl NG® products achieve optimized colour strength, delivering the right colour to your paint.
  • Luconyl NG® colourants are gravimetrically and volumetrically specified and therefore the perfect choice for in-plant and point-of-sale tinting.

BTC’s Luconyl® NG types

  • achieve optimized colour strength and excellent dosing properties for POS tinting,
  • give a wide spectrum of applicational properties, covering complete colour space,
  • fulfill the new environmental standards,
  • increase efficiency and accuracy with innovative services.


Luconyl®NG and Xfast® additionally contain a special selection of cool pigment preparations to expand colour design for dark shades reducing the heat buildup in exterior applications. We additionally offer specific services with our CoolSim software to calculate TSR values (Total Solar Reflection) to enable flexibility, energy/ resource savings as well as cost reductions and to differentiate your offerings with environmental benefits.


In water-based architectural coatings our Luconyl®NG and Xfast® pigment preparations offer a full selection of possibilities in tintometric systems (POS point-of-sale) in your production or shops. They are also suitable for in-plant-tinting and in-can-tinting.

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About BTC

BTC Europe is BASF's European sales organization for small and medium-sized customers focused on specialty chemicals. Our solutions for the coatings industry cover besides pigments and pigment preparations also dispersions and performance additives.