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Performance polymers > for rheology modification and thickening

BTC’s product portfolio comprises performance polymers for adjusting the viscosity of a formulation. Such rheology modifiers are key ingredients for liquid laundry detergents or cleaners to adjust the final appearance. Formulations are judged not only by their effect, but also by their appearance. Performance polymers enable compact and viscous formulations.

BTC’s performance polymers are water soluble polymers. They are either homopolymers or copolymers of various polymers. The range covers anionic and cationic thickeners. They enrich, stabilize, and improve the products. They are also designed to simplify the product development and the production processes. They enable superior handling and cost savings due to their liquid forms.




Rheovis® rheology modifiers are the optimal solution for controlling the viscosity of home care and industrial & institutional cleaning formulations.


Rheovis® CSP is a solid, free-flowing and non-dusting cationic acrylic polymer.

  • It is delivered in whitish pearls which are soluble in surfactants and acids.
  • The thickening effect is pending on the pH value of the formulation.
  • The product performs between pH 2 and pH 6.  The highest viscosity enhancement is achieved at pH 3 with 1% active polymer.

It enables formulation of transparent and viscous products with shear-thinning rheological properties.  


Rheovis® CDE and Rheovis® FRC are both aqueous polymer dispersions based on modified polyacrylate.

  • They are based on liquid dispersion polymers (LDP) technology and are of cationic character.
  • The appearance is viscous and milky.
  • They provide rapid solubility in aqueous solutions.
  • They are most efficient in a pH range from 2 to 7.  The optimum pH range is from 3 to 6.
  • They provide opacifying properties and a soft creamy appearance.

Due to their liquid form they are easy to incorporate and do not require heat for processing.


Rheovis® TTA is an aqueous copolymer dispersion based on methacrylic acid and acrylic acid esters.

  • It is a polymer with high molecular weight.
  • It provides associatively thickening properties even in formulations with low electrolyte content.
  • It shows a high salt and electrolyte tolerance.
  • It is excellent compatible for all types of surfactants.
  • The thickening property is effective over the pH range > 5.5 - 12. Transparent formulations are achieved above pH 6,5.


Rheovis® AT 120 is an aqueous solution of a copolymer based on methacrylic acid and acrylic acid esters.

  • It is a hydrophobic modified alkaline soluble emulsion
  • As associative thickener it shows thickening properties at a pH range of 8 to 12
  • It is compatible for all types of surfactants.

It enables the formulation of transparent detergent formulations. In addition it is easy to incorporate, no pre-dissolution or heating is necessary.


Rheovis® CSP is used in acidic cleaner formulations like toilet bowl, bathroom cleaners or fabric rinse conditioners where it is added to the formulation at the end of the production process.


Rheovis® CDE is used in acidic cleaners, fabric softeners whereas Rheovis® FRC is used for diluted and concentrated fabric rinse conditioners to provide aesthetics of opaque, rich, thickened aspect. They are compatible with raw materials that are used in household cleaners, I&I and fabric care products.


Rheovis® TTA is used in liquid laundry detergents, manual dishwashing liquids, liquids scrubbing milks, hard surface cleaners and glass cleaners. It is applied especially for clear formulations or formulations where air bubbles need to be stabilized or vertical wall clinging of the applied cleaner formulation is needed, i.e. glass cleaner. It shows no dropping


Rheovis® AT 120 is used as a rheology modifier for liquid laundry detergents, either for home care detergents or for professional laundry formulations (OPL, On Purpose Laundry), or alkaline cleaning formulations.