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Performance polymers > for surface charge modification in industrial applications

BTC’s portfolio for the chemical industry comprises various performance polymers for versatile uses. Surface charge appears on the particle surface when it is placed into a fluid and causes particle repulsion and attraction, affecting many colloidal properties. Our Lupasol® cationic polymers can modify the surface charge and subsequently the colloidal properties. Thus enhanced adhesion or enhanced dispersing properties can be achieved besides others.



Properties of Lupasol® performance polymers

Lupasol® polymers are polyethyleneimines (PEI) and branched, spherical polymers. The molecular structure is very like Dendrimers which are highly symmetric, spherical compounds. Due to their high charge density they adsorb tightly on negatively charged surfaces resulting in a stronger and permanent binding to the surfaces. By increasing the protonation potential, which is achieved by decreasing the pH value, the cationic charge density is enhanced.

Further modification of polyethyleneimine, either amidation, alkoxylation or carboxylation leads to additional properties for example, higher compatibility with anionic compounds, or enhanced chelating properties.

BTC’s Lupasol® polymers, in one glance,

  • are non-toxic,
  • vary in molecular weight from 800 g/mol to 2 mio g/mol,
  • cover a viscosity range from medium viscous to very high viscous,
  • are anhydrous or contain partly water (a solid version is not available),
  • are cationic polymers used in a low concentration range,
  • have a high charge density,
  • are compatible with anionic compounds.

Applications of Lupasol® performance polymers

Lupasol® types are non-toxic cationic polymers with multi-functional uses. They are adding value, besides others, to

  • Plastics
    Lupasol® is the ideal adhesion promoter between different types of plastics or between plastics and polar substrates, such as polyolefin films and paper.
    Lupasol® types improve
    • colourant (dye) acceptance,
    • paintability,
    • barrier properties.

  • Coatings, colours and adhesives
    Lupasol® polymers make coatings, colours and adhesives stick better to porous and non-porous surfaces. Lupasol® types
    • act as primer for UV-curing coatings,
    • serve as hardener in epoxy resins,
    • improve rain resistance in architectural plasters and paints.

  • Metals
    Lupasol® polymers
    • chelate heavy metals: strongly selectively, and reversibly, for example in waste water,
    • make difficult-to-dissolve metals salts soluble,
    • make the most diverse substances adhere to metals,
    • and thus improve the effectiveness of lubricants, detergents, and corrosion inhibitors.

  • Textile and Fibreglass
    Lupasol® polymers
    • improve the dye fixation, hydrophilicity, and anti-static properties of textile fibres,
    • enhance water- and shrink proofing of textiles.
    • ease to process brittle fibre (Lupasol®-based lubricants).

Further products for plastics, coatings, metals applications

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About BTC

BTC Europe is BASF's European sales organization for small and medium-sized customers focused on specialty chemicals. Our solutions for surface charge modification cover applications for plastics, coatings, colours and adhesives, metals, textile and fibreglass, and water treatment.