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Beta-caroteno > para suplementos dietéticos

Carotenoids are plant pigments with a colour spectrum of yellow to orange and red. Mainly they appear in the chromoplasts of the plants.
The carotenoids are divided into two groups: the carotenes (hydrocarbons) and the xanthophylls (oxygenated derivates of the hydrocarbons). The Xantophylls are responsible for the yellow coloration of leaves in autumn.
Naturally occurring carotenoids are completely insoluble in water and they are associated with lipids which they impart their colour for example milk fat, palm oil, tomatoes and carrots.
Carotenoids are not essential but they have a lot of important functions in the human body.
Most prominently, beta-carotene is provitamin A which means that it can be converted to vitamin A by humans and contributes to vitamin A supply. As an antioxidant, beta-carotene is part of the body’s defense network against oxidative stress. Moreover, beta-carotene accumulates in skin where it absorbs ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight or artificial UV exposure and supports healthy skin.



Lucarotin® B

Properties of Beta-carotene

BTC’s nature identical ß-carotenes and fermented ß-carotenes are

  • available in powder form and as oily dispersion (various grades)
  • high-concentrated products
  • very low dust and excellent flowability
  • easy dispersibility, stability and bioavailability
  • stable colour hues between yellow, orange and red
  • fermented beta-carotene is considered as natural
  • complies with highest quality standards and regulatory requirements

Our fermented BC portfolio (Lucarotin® B) has been specially formulated to be a mirror image of our current NI-BC

  • Same colors
  • Improved composition
  • Same properties
  • Same benefits
  • Easy to implement drop-in solutions

Applications of Beta-carotene

Beta-carotene can be used for dietary supplement purposes in multivitamin tablets or beta-carotene tablets. The advantage of beta-carotene is that no upper safe level for the use of beta-carotene as provitamin A has been established in contrast to the vitamin A. Additionally an application in hard gelatine or softgel capsules are possible. Furthermore, beta-carotene and beta-carotene dispersions are suitable  as colourants (E 160a). 

Further specialty chemicals for dietary supplements

About BTC

BTC Europe is BASF's European sales organization for small and medium sized customers. Our product range covers selected speciality chemicals and performance polymers to a variety of industries as well as raw materials and additives for the pharma, food, animal nutrition and personal care industry. 

Our solutions for the human nutrition industry cover health ingredients like vitamins, plant sterols, carotenoids, Omega-3s, conjugated linoleic acid, besides others. As food additives we offer antioxidants, emulsifiers, whipping emulsifiers, baking enzymes, functional fat powders, and lipids.