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Anionic surfactants > for chemical-technical applications

BTC´s anionic surfactants are derived from natural and synthetic alcohols. In the chemical-technical industries anionic surfactants can be used for stabilising dispersions and emulsions. Due to their high foaming character anionic surfactants can be used as foam stabiliser. They also act as efficient wetting, lubricating and solubilising agents.


Agnique® (fatty alcohol ether sulfates, fatty alcohol sulfates, alkylbenzene sulfonates, blends, special soaps & blends)

Disponil® (fatty alcohol ether sulfates, fatty alcohol sulfates, alkyl sulfosuccinates, alkyl sulfosuccinamate, alkylbenzene sulfonates, fatty alcohol ether phosphates, alkylaryl ether sulfates, special soaps & blends)

Sulfopon® (fatty alcohol sulfates)

Texapon® (fatty alcohol ether sulfates, fatty alcohol sulfates)

Properties of our anionic surfactants for chemical-technical applications

Our Agnique® grades are anionic based surfactants or blends with anionic character and widley used in crop protection formulations (agrochemical formulations) as an adjuvant. Agnique® grades enhance the efficiency of the used pesticide by its physical-chemical properties.

Our Disponil® grades are anionic based surfactants for a wide range of applications where dynamic wetting and solubilising properties are needed. Especially their strong emulsifying and dispersing characteristics are the main property in diverse applications.

The Sulfopon® and Texapon® grades are basic anionic surfactants. They are used in processes to minimize effectively surface tension of water based solutions.

Chemical-technical applications of our anionic surfactants

Crop formulations used by farmers to avoid damages on the crop contain active ingredients as well as additives. These additives are called adjuvant due to their enhancing performance of the used active ingredient. Adjuvants are formulated in suspensions or emulsions. BTC´s Agnique® surfactants or blends provide the desired performance to achieve a stable formulation. Crop formulations are often prepared using concentrated formulation types which are for instance soluble concentrates (SL), emulsifiable concentrates (EC),  suspension concentrates (SC), and water dispersable granules (WDG). 

Emulsion polymerization is a complex technology employed to produce a variety of polymer dispersions. The dispersions then find application in adhesives, paints, textiles leather and paper and a lot more.

BTC´s Disponil® anionic surfactants used during the polymerization process are essential for problem-free manufacture, insitu-polymerization stabilization and can also positively influence the dispersion performance in application.

The Sulfopon® grades are basic anionic surfactants, which are used in processes to minimize effectively surface tension of water based solutions. In addition they show excellent wetting and solubilizing properties for various surfaces and ingredients. 

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