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News out of the chemical industry

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Irgaflo®: Performance and efficiency across the entire range

Producing lubricants of maximum quality demands the right additives – including viscosity index and pour point depressants. With its Irgaflo® series, BTC has a wide range of components in its portfolio – and can also offer further benefits, such as broad production capacity, innovation and an additional range of components.

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Revolutionary dosing system Xfast® Easy Color

BTC’s Xfast® pigment preparations are among the most innovative colourants on the market. We also take innovative approaches to dosing with our Xfast® dispenser.

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Pacific Yellow EH 3408 (L 1001): Versatile and intense yellow

An intense and brilliant yellow which enables lead-free formulations and is also particularly resistant to chemicals and water-based systems. Pacific Yellow means this is now possible. It is a pigment with particularly high value in use for all customers who require yellow in coatings.

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Eye-catching, sustainable and natural beauty with Cloisonné® Vibrant Raspberry

Our sustainable solution for eye-catching effects: Cloisonné® Vibrant Raspberry. Stand with nature and express yourself in high-chroma effects. All-vegan, all-clean and all-traceable beauty is showcased with bright, vibrant colors. Proudly pump up the volume for a trend that is here to stay; make conscious living a bold statement!

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Fairs & Exhibitions


SEPAWA Kongress 2020

Visit us at the SEPAWA Kongress 2020 in Berlin, Germany, from the 28th to the 30th of October.

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Thessaloniki International Fair

Visit us at the Thessaloniki International Fair 2020 in Thessaloniki, Greece, from the 5th to the 13th of September 2020.

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