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Clean solutions – Our products for the car wash

The automatic car wash was invented 55 years ago. Since then, there has been a constant stream of new innovations, often thanks to inventions in detergent chemistry. With BTC, formulators of these types of detergents benefit from the full range of currently available solutions – precisely tailored to the respective requirements and, on request, with excellent environmentally-friendly properties.

Colour accents in oral care with Puricolor® pigments

Colour is psychology, colour triggers emotions: Therefore it is not surprising that the formulators of dental hygiene products pay close attention to selecting suitable shades and nuances for their toothpaste or mouth rinse. Puricolor® offers them a particularly wide range of colours.

HydroBlue® 90: The dust-free reduction agent for the textile industry

Hydrosulphites are the basis of many reduction agents, from the paper industry to textile production. The requirements regarding health and process stability are especially high for the dyeing of clothes. The new reduction agent HydroBlue® 90 is particularly suitable for the manufacturing of denim fabrics since it is dust-free, odourless and extremely stable.

Trilon® M: The sustainable chelating agent

To control the hardness of water in water cycles and in products for dishwashing detergents and car maintenance, you can rely on an effective and environmentally friendly solution: Trilon® M and its three product versions are suitable for a wide range of requirements. Its capacity for binding calcium is just as high as that of conventional nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA).

Fairs & Exhibitions

Rindergesundheitstage 2017

Visit us at the Rindergesundheitstage 2017 in Gießen, Germany, on the 4th of November.


Electronic invoices - An advantage for everyone

In this digital age, printing out documents is often no longer necessary. BTC Europe also lets you choose whether to receive your invoices electronically from now on. This service is free of charge, makes your job easier and also helps the environment.

Stocktakings 2015

The dates of our annual stocktakings are fixed. Please consider for your early planning of your demands.

BASF ChemTrade a fusionné avec BTC Europe.

Á compter du 1er août 2013, BASF ChemTrade a fusionné avec BTC Europe GmbH. Les clients de BASF ChemTrade bénéficient d'un service identique et gardent les mêmes interlocuteurs sous la houlette de BTC.

BTC, avec une nouvelle organisation

Depuis le 1er juillet 2013, les différentes sociétés BTC existant en dehors de l'Allemagne ont fusionné avec les sociétés BASF locales.