Colourful stain removers: High-quality dyes and pigments for detergents or fabric softeners

Detergents are one of the reliable partners in our daily lives. Stains of all types are removed in no time with the right detergents, while fabric softeners ensure the laundry is comfortable to wear and remains fresh for a long time. Even a quick glance at the shelves in a supermarket reveals the huge selection of products for cleaning textiles.

Wide variety of colours on the shelf

Alongside the traditional washing powders, liquid detergents and so-called caps have firmly established themselves on the market. Irrespective of the form the detergent comes in, colour and fragrance play a significant role in customers’ decisions. Colour awakens emotions and helps ensure brand or product recognition. The currently dominant colours in the detergent and fabric softeners sector are blue, green and red, however the demand for special colour shades is increasing.

Increased demands on dyes and pigments for detergents and fabric softeners

Along with the large selection, the requirements placed on the individual ingredients in detergents and fabric softeners have also increased. “It is vital for pigments and dyes that they remain stable with regard to light and pH values when combined with the other ingredients”, explains Michael Schork, Global Marketing Manager Home & Personal Care Colorants at BASF.

Puricolor®, Iragon® and Pigmosol®: Achieving success through a broad portfolio

BTC offers a wide selection of high-quality Iragon ® brand dyes and Puricolor® and Pigmosol® brand pigments, with the products complementing each other. The Pigmosol® pigments supplement the portfolio perfectly. They are water-soluble and impress through their long shelf life; the granulate can be stored for up to ten years without any loss in quality. All products display good documentation and are certified by the EU detergents regulation. We will gladly support you in helping your product stand out from the masses and offer customised solutions for your formulations.

Our Expert

Michael Schork is a trained fabric dyer and began gathering professional experience in the textiles sector back in 1981. After additional commercial training and a degree in Business Economics, Schork has been active in marketing since 1991. In 2004, he moved into marketing and product management for dyes. The technical understanding he gained during his training and the corresponding affinity for colours and fashion help him to this day, he says. At BTC, Schork is responsible for the global marketing of home and personal care colorants. He is enthusiastic about advising customers in their selection of colours, discovering trends and coming contact with different cultures. “Also, I constantly come into contact with the product in everyday life,” says Schork – for example when he buys a softener in the supermarket which contains a dye made by BASF. 

You can find additional information about Puricolor®, Iragon® and Pigmosol® and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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