Hydraulan®: reliable brake fluid even in extreme temperatures

It comes down to a fraction of a second – when drivers brake, they need to be able to rely on the force exerted on the pedal being instantly transferred to the wheel brake via the brake fluid. But when outdoor temperatures are extremely low, there is the risk that the fluid will freeze and either delay the process or block the system. This is just as important in ESP systems, where targeted braking of individual wheels prevents the vehicle from oversteering or swerving.

Optimum viscosity in icy temperatures

Hydraulan® brake fluids have a low viscosity even at low temperatures of up to -40°C, allowing them to react reliably and safely during the braking process. Not only is Hydraulan®, developed by BASF SE, officially authorised for use in a large number of cars – BASF is also the original supplier to many manufacturers, including Ford, Toyota and Volkswagen.

High wet boiling point, too

However, a low viscosity usually goes hand in hand with a low wet boiling point. As water can never be entirely prevented from entering the braking system, the boiling point drops as the amount of water in the brake fluid rises. This results in frictional heat when the brakes are applied. In turn, this heat causes vapour bubbles, which prevent the pedal force from being transferred to the brake cylinders. Hydraulan® 404, however, combines both a low viscosity and a high boiling point. For this reason, the Hydraulan® products have earned a DOT3 (Hydraulan® 308) or even DOT4 classification. Other benefits include a first-class lubricating effect and effective protection against corrosion.

A brand since 1952

Hydraulin® is a long-standing product within the BTC portfolio. The brand was patented on 8th July 1952 and has been continuously developed since then, allowing BASF to set the market standard for brake fluids for more than 60 years. “Hydraulan® 404 has been continuously adapted to the latest standards and has always been further developed accordingly,” stresses Melanie Huckert, Business Analyst Fuel & Lubricant Solutions at BTC Europe.

The Hydraulan® brake fluids in the BTC portfolio:

  • Hydraulan® 308
  • Hydraulan® 400 NV-1
  • Hydraulan® 407-1
  • Hydraulan® 404

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