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Pigments and pigment preparations > for colouration of fertilizer, seed and agriculture crop protection

Pigments and dyes



Pigment preparations



Properties of colourants for the colouration of fertilizer, seed and agriculture crop protection

We have a range of pigments and dyes covering a wide colourspace that can be used in seed treatment and crop protection markets.
Our range of solid and liquid pigment preparations can be used for the colouration of fertilizer and seed treatment.


A fast growing world population demands the wide-area cultivation of highly economic plants. With various products the agro industry ensures that the nutrient supply of the plants is optimated and limits the loss due to pest infestation.
Functional treated products have to be indicated by specific colour. At BTC, we offer a comprehensive range of pigments and pigment preparations as well as dyes for applications within the agricultural markets for seed treatment, crop protection, and fertilizers.