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The brand Lamequick® is also known as whipping topping concentrate or whipping agent which is providing aeration to many food systems and creating a creamy taste. It is used as e.g. cake filling cream, whipped topping, decorating cream, different dessert creams and in the ice cream preparation. Lamequick® is a well-balanced system of emulsifiers, vegetable fat, proteins and carbohydrates. Some emulsifiers have foaming properties. This is due to their surface activity which allows orientation along the interface between the liquid and air. Vegetable oils are mainly deriving from the group of lauric fats, coming from coconut oil or palm kernel oil. All Lamequick® varieties are free of trans-fats; some are free of hydrogenated fats.  




All additives used in the different Lamequick® formulations complies with the current specifications established by the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) and the current EU Regulation laying down specifications for food additives.

All Lamequick® products are suitable for vegetarian diet, and some are even suitable for vegans (without any milk protein). Available as fine powders, our Lamequick® products can easily be used in ready to use applications and powder mixes; glucose syrup solids as carbohydrates are the bulk ingredient for powder structure and solubility. 

The product should be stored at temperatures between 16-24°C; in a dry place and kept away from odor-intensive products. Dependent on the special Lamequick® type, the products are stable for 12, 15, 18 or even 24 months, stored in its unopened original package under the above-mentioned conditions. 

The Lamequick products can be differentiated by e.g. their oil source, their properties, protein source or esterified mono- and diglyceride, the active emulsifier. The info already is shown within the articles’ name, which always has the same structure as e.g. Lamequick® CE 6630.  Following a few examples:

  • The CE-range is based on palm or coconut oil (article dependent), casein as carrier and ACETEM (acetic acid ester; E 472a; from the German: “Essigsäureester”) as emulsifier.
  • The ME-range is based on palm or coconut oil, milk powder as carrier and ACETEM (acetic acid ester; E 472a; from the German: “Essigsäureester”) as emulsifier.
  • The AS-range is based on palm or coconut oil, milk powder as carrier and LACTEM (lactic acid ester; E 472b) as emulsifier; AS stands for “acid stable”;
  • The new designed CN-range is based on coconut oil, milk powder as carrier and LACTEM (lactic acid ester; E 472b) as emulsifier.


The product range of Lamequick® is designed for various applications like:

  • cake filling cream
  • decorating cream
  • frozen desserts 
  • ice cream 
  • aerated deserts
  • whipping toppings
  • mousse
  • yogurt
  • sorbet
  • whipping cream
  • milk shakes

By choosing the right Lamequick® type for your application, your products will benefit from different properties like e.g.:

  • high creaminess
  • stiff texture
  • high aeration
  • low aeration
  • outstanding mouth feel.
  • milky taste 
  • creamy taste
  • high pH resistance (e.g. pH 3.0)

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