Pigments and pigment preparations > for mass colouration and wood composites

BTC Europe supplies BASF’s pigments, solid and liquid pigment preparations developed for mass colouration and for the wood composites market. With our extensive product range we have the unique opportunity to meet all your colouration requirements.
Particle boards, MDF/HDF plates and similar products are often coloured for marketing reasons. The colouration is happening in the aqueous wood/glue mass with aqueous pigment preparations or basic dyestuffs. BTC offers you also preparations for labelling the different qualities for example for use in moist atmosphere applications, for conductible applications and to mark fire resistant boards.


Pigment Preparations

Properties and applications

BTC offers a wide colour range of Dispers® preparations in different colour shades for your individual applications and designs. Dispers® preparations are innovative preparations for design MDF colouration. They open new perspectives in mass colouring and marketing of design MDF plates.


The Luconyl® grades cover a wide range of colour space and chemistry types. Thus the flexibility of predispersed pigments is given without the need for capital investment in dispersion equipment. They can be applied in an easy to use liquid form which is easily pourable, quality controlled and optimized for your needs.


Xfast® are predispersed powders requiring only stir in facilities and giving the customer the highest degree of formulation flexibility. Xfast can be used both in inhouse tinting and at point of sale and find significant demand in both interior and exterior coatings. A wide range of organic and inorganic pigments within the portfolio gives maximum cover within colour space and the ability to select tailor made solutions.


BTC‘s pigment preparations are used for mass colouration, for identification of HDF and particle boards and as colourants for design-MDF, laminates and decorative papers.


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