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Sustainable solution for wood lacquer: Acronal® EDGE 6338 enables a true one-coat-hide using water-born dispersion

Acronal® EDGE 6338 is the first dispersion for environmentally and health-friendly water-based wood coatings that guarantee one-coat-hide thanks to the high solids technology (solids content 60%) with a multiphase polymer. A single coat is sufficient!

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Innovative omega-3 softgels: Fruit flavour instead of a fishy taste

Omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish oil protect the heart, brain and eyes. Dietary supplements must be made in a way that consumers can consume them easily, while in the best case, they also taste good.


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Alternative to titanium dioxide powder for manufacturers of colours and paints

As of October 2021, new regulations apply for titanium dioxide powder. What this means for manufacturers of colours and paints and which alternatives they have.

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New enzyme technology for liquid detergents: improved washing performance even at low temperatures

Lavergy® Pro 114 LS and Sokalan® HP 20 are high-performance components for liquid detergents from BASF. The combination of enzymes and chemistry provides the decisive factor for optimum washing results at low energy consumption.

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