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Inorganic chemicals > for the plastics industry

Inorganic chemicals for the rubber industry

Some inorganic basic chemicals are used due to selective properties in the Rubber industry.

ProductsProperties & applications
Sodium Nitrite solution 40% (NaNO2)As a polymer inhibitor

As blowing agent
Sodium Sulfite (Na2SO3)For stabilizing latex

Inorganic chemicals for moulding compounds

In the production of the thermosets, some inorganic basic chemicals are playing a key role in the condensation process.

ProductsProperties & applications
MelamineFor the production of thermosets (duroplastics) in the condensation process
UreaFor the production of thermosets (duroplastics) in the condensation process

Inorganic chemicals for film & foil impregnation

ProductsProperties & applications
Kauropal®  (resins)Impregnating resins used to add functionality to furniture or finish foils & edge bending.

They provide better wetting, higher flexibility, higher efficiency and higher hiding power for white decorative films