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Chemical intermediates > for the electroplating & electronic chemicals industry

Chemical intermediates for the metal working fluids

ProductsProperties & applications
Diethanolamine Pure
Used as component for metal working fluids

Chemical intermediates for the electronics industry

ProductsProperties & applications
2,2 AminoethoxyethanolUsed as photo resist stripper
MonoethanolaminUsed as stripper
MonoisopropanolamineUsed as stripper
N-Methylpyrrolidon dest.Used in stripper formulation
gamma-Butyrolacton dest Capacitors (Al-based)Diluent for photo resists
Baxxodur® EC 331 (cycloaliphatic amines)Used as curing agent with moisture and temperature resistance
Baxxodur® EC 201 (cycloaliphatic amines)Used as curing agent with high strength, moisture and temperature resistance