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PREBILAC? 2'-FL (Human Milk Oligosaccharide) > for food fortification

2'-Fucosyllactose (2'-FL) is a component of Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO), complex carbohydrates that are naturally present in breast milk. HMOs have been identified as the key differentiating factor between human and bovine milk. For the majority of mothers, 2'-FL is the most abundant HMO in their breast milk.

Human milk is the “gold standard” for infant nutrition. Compared with infant formula, breast-feeding leads to favorable results with respect to growth patterns, nutritional status, immune protection and long-term development outcomes. To narrow the nutritional gap between infant formula and the gold standard human milk, the availability of 2'-FL is an important milestone. 2'-FL is the most thoroughly researched single HMO so far and benefits have recently been substantiated in clinical and experimental trials. 2'-FL supports the development of healthy gut and immune system, protection against allergic diseases and plays a role in the development of normal brain functions and cognition in early life and beyond.

Based on its prebiotic functions and the ability to inhibit pathogen adhesion and modulate immune functions, 2’-FL is also a very promising agent for digestive health across various age groups. A published clinical study has shown that 2’-FL is well tolerated in healthy adults and can lead to significant shifts in the microbiota (increasing the proportion of actinobacteria, esp. Bifidobacteria). Our PREBILACTM 2'-FL is a prebiotic based on human breast milk and patent-protected for broad use in dietary supplements, functional nutrition and medical food. The digestive support segment comprises 10% of the global dietary supplement market.

What makes BASF’s PREBILACTM 2'-FL unique?

BASF has successfully mastered the complete in-house development of 2'-FL from strain development to downstream processing using a specifically stable HMO fermentation strain designed for large-scale production.

Selection of stable fermentation strains enables us to have a consistent quality of 2'-FL without the use of antibiotics during production. We have long-standing expertise in health ingredients for serving food and supplement markets, including specific regulatory and quality requirements for infant nutrition. We fully focus on safety & quality of our products (Food Safety Certification and cGMP-Food (USA), production under HACCP, compliance with legal requirements on hygienic practice for infant food, Kosher and Halal certification).

Physiological importance of PREBILAC™ 2'-FL

Clinical trials and preclinical studies have shown that 2’-FL contributes to:

  • Growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria
  • Building up the immune system
  • Protection against inflammatory and allergic diseases
  • Normalizing gut movements
  • Support the development of brain functions and cognition.



Properties of PREBILAC™ 2'-FL

  • Powder form
  • Best-in-class flowability, dispersibility and stability
  • Complies with highest quality standards and regulatory requirements
  • Great sensorial properties

Applications of PREBILAC™ 2'-FL

2'-Fucosyllactose is the most abundant oligosaccharide in human milk. Thus, infant formulas

are a main application for PREBILAC™ 2'-FL. Due to the sensitivity of this consumer group, highest quality and safety standards are applied for this product. When targeting children or adults, further formats like dairy, beverages or solid foods, e.g. yoghurt, cereal mixes or bars, are feasible as well.  

Besides food fortification PREBILAC™ 2'-FL is also used for dietary supplements.

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