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Colourants > for the colouration of homecare, detergents and cleaners

For a product to succeed, it needs a powerful visual appearance, in line with the brand strategy and product message. Choosing high quality dyes and pigments is the basis for successfully communicating your message via product esthetics and visual appearance.

Our broad portfolio of dyes and pigments offers you limitless choice, while our exceptional product quality enables you to consistently achieve the precise colour match you need.
Puricolor® and Iragon® dyes and pigments are  used in a wide range of everyday products for example for laundry detergents and for surface cleaners.


Iragon®, Puricolor®


Iragon® HFC colour range consists of pigments and anionic, water-soluble dyes recommended for home and fabric care products. Our range offers a wide choice of colours for various formulation parameters, such as pH stability, bleach stability and light stability including a range of Iragon® liquid dyes.

The Puricolor® pigment range consists of inorganic minerals like iron oxides and ultramarines, as well as liquid dispersions. Puricolor® dyes are high-quality cosmetic dyes and pigments that can also be used in home and fabric care products.


Iragon® liquid dyes are unique shades, specially developed for laundry products due to low risk of fabric staining. They are designed for easy handling and dosing and enhance production hygiene and feature stringent microbiological specifications.

For bright shades our synthetic Puricolor® organic dyes are the perfect choice. They are used for detergents and cleaners applications as well as for personal care products. Puricolor® products meet the material specifications of the EU Cosmetic Directive. Some selected products correspond also to the Japanese MHLW. The Puricolor® range of FDA Colors are FDA batch-certified and meet the US FDA requirements for personal care products as well. All Puricolor® products feature stringent microbiological specifications.

All our products meet all relevant international standards for safety and production integrity.


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