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Biocides > as slimicide (PT12)

BASF is listed in the ‘European Biocidal Products Regulation (EU/528/2012)’ in Article 95 Active Suppliers List for each of the active substances as described below. BTC’s product portfolio comprises the biocides product range from BASF and is therefore compliant with the EU regulation. The products are authorized for the market. The use of the biocides is classified by the product type (PT). Biocides defined as an active substance are single ingredients, which have an activity against or on a harmful organism. An active substance must be further formulated by the customer before entering the market.

Application areas of PT12: products used for the prevention or control of slime growth

Biocidal product type number 12 (PT12) refers to products used for the prevention or control of slime growth on materials, equipment and structures used in industrial processes, e.g. on wood and paper pulp, porous sand strata in oil extraction.




Protectol® GA - Glutaraldehyde

Protectol® GA is chemically 1,5-pentanedial, also known as Glutaraldehyde and is rated as an active substance.

  • It is a liquid water solution and available with a concentration of 50% and 24%. It is miscible in all proportions with water and a range of polar solvents such as methanol, ethanol and propanol.
  • Glutaraldehyde aqueous solutions are most stable at acidic pH values.
  • With increasing alkalinity, biocidal effects increase in short term but will decrease in the long term. 

Protectol® BN - Bronopol

Protectol® BN is chemically 2-bromo-2-nitro-propane-1,3-diol, also known as Bronopol and is rated as an active substance.

  • Protectol BN is available either as solid material or liquid material which is containing dipropylene glycol monomethyl ether and water.
  • Bronopol can be incorporated readily into aqueous formulation systems.
  • Concentrated aqueous solutions may show a tendency to crystallise at low temperature. When aqueous solutions of crystalline material are prepared, Bronopol is most stable when the pH value of the system is acidic.
  • Bronopol has a broad spectrum of activity against all groups of bacteria including the anaerobic sulphate reducing bacteria (SBR).


Protectol® GA (Glutaraldehyde) is a highly effective antimicrobial agent. It is active against a broad range of microorganisms and is used in a wide variety of application areas, such as

  • surface and instrument disinfection,
  • microbiological control of industrial processes (e.g. water treatment, odour control/chemical toilet sanitation).

Protectol® BN (Bronopol) and its solutions are suitable for use in a wide variety of application areas. It is used as active substance to prepare preservation formulations which are used in

  • polymer emulsions adhesives,
  • industrial additives.
  • Bronopol is useful when used in combination with isothiazolinones (IT). Combinations of IT with Bronopol have proven especially effective in combating microbiological attack where the microbe is tolerant to IT.