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Oilfield chemicals > for cementing


Alcomer®, Basoblock®, Basomax®, Basopur®, CemR 10, Liquiment®, Paragas®, Polytrol®


BTC offers a diverse portfolio of cementing additives designed to enhance and support the cementing process.
Liquiment® types make water-reduced cement slurries possible and improve long-range pumping by improving slurry rheology. Time critical cementing jobs even under high temperatures become possible using synergies in combining BTC’s dispersants with retarders.
Fluid loss control additives
Polytrol® and Alcomer® are specialized fluid-loss additives, which remain stable even against concentrated salt solutions. They allow reliable cementing jobs even under difficult conditions.
Gas blocking additives & others
Paragas®, Basoblock®, CemR 10, and Basopur® are anti-gas migration additives which ensure the reliability of cementing jobs by stopping gas from channelling through hardening cement.
BTC’s defoamers offer impressive foam control properties.


BTC’s cementing additives cover the complete spectrum of applications requested by the oilfield industry for cementing.

Liquiment®Polycarboxylate based superplasticizers;
Polycondensate based dispersants;
The standard dispersant for oil well cementing;
Green dispersant
Basomax®MetakaolinCement extender
Polytrol®Tailored blends for a variety of base applicationsFluid loss control additives
Alcomer®Fully synthetic polymers for demanding conditionsFluid loss control additives
Paragas®PolyethylenimineGas blocking additives & others
Basoblock®Styrene-butadiene-laticesGas blocking additives & others
CemR 10Fully synthetic retarder for demanding conditionsGas blocking additives & others
Basopur®Fatty alcohol alkoxylateGas blocking additives & others