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Alcomer®, Basocorr®, Basoclean®, Baso MSA®, Basosol®, Basosolve®, Basorol®, Myacide®, Protectol®


BTC provides a diverse portfolio of stimulation additives designed to enhance and support the stimulation process.
Gelling agents
BTC’s Alcomer® gelling agents in general are mostly applied in two ways: Ensuring that proppants are placed correctly in hydraulic fracturing and, when applied in combination with acids, to ensure a good matrix acidizing frac job.
Friction reducers
A much more efficient pumping during hydraulic fracturing is usually achieved by applying our Alcomer® types.
Water control polymers
Our fluid-loss control polymers Alcomer® reduce water loss from stimulation fluids to the formation.
Foaming agents
Stimulation techniques like gas-lift are made possible with our foaming agents Basoclean® and Basosol®.
Corrosion inhibitors
Effectively protecting metal equipment under these drastic acidic conditions may pose difficulties. Our special Basocorr® corrosion inhibitors can be used in matrix acidizing to provide the necessary protection.
BTC’s biocides Protectol® and Myacide® are used to control the bacteria that become a factor as soon as fracturing fluids are pumped into the formation.
The BTC portfolio is diversified with Basorol® demulsifiers, additives like Baso MSA® acids and Basosol® clean-up agents, and Basosolve® scale control and scale dissolvers. Unwanted fluid production can be mitigated by the use of our Alcomer® conformance control polymers.


BTC’s stimulation additives cover the complete spectrum of applications requested by the oilfield industry for stimulation.

Baso MSA®Methanesulfonic acidAcids
Basosol®Decanol ethoxylatesClean-up agents
Basocorr®Acetylene derivativesCorrosion inhibitors
Basoclean®Alkylpolyglycosides, alkoxylatesFoaming agents
Basosol®Decanol ethoxylatesFoaming agents
Alcomer®Polyacrylamide based polymersFriction reducers
Alcomer®Polyacrylamide based polymersGelling agents / Viscosifier
Basosolve®Amine based oligo acetic acidsScale dissolvers / Inhibitors
Alcomer®Polyacrylamide based polymersWater control polymers
Alcomer®Sulfosuccinate diesterWetting agent