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Chemical intermediates > for the composites industry

Styrene reduction is an important topic in the composites industry; BTC’s vinyl monomers can replace a part of it by up to 20 %. Formulators need to balance between the different vinyl monomers of the range by mixing them to obtain the properties expected. Vinyl monomers are used in unsaturated polyester glass fiber reinforced, artificial marble and stone and gelcoat.

With the Baxxodur® range, BTC offers complete systems for thermoset composites consisting of Baxxodur® resin blends and Baxxodur® hardener blends.
Imidazoles and Lupragen® types act as curing agents (hardeners and accelerators) used in composites.

Chemical intermediates brands for the composite industry

Vinyl Monomers


BTC’s vinyl monomer range consists of different products with special properties, suitable on the final application:

  • DVE-3 (triethylenglycol divinyl ethers) show very good flexibility and are label free.
  • CHDM-di (1,4 cycolohexanedimethanol divinyl ethers) guarantee hardness and heat restistance. They are adding high value.
  • HBVE (hydroxybutyl vinyl ethers) incorporate vinyl and hydroxyl functionality.
  • BDDVE (ButaneDiol DiVinyl ethers) offer a good properties/price balance.

BTC’s Baxxodur® curing agents are available as cycloaliphatic amines and as polyether amines.


BTC’s Amines, Baxxodur®, Imidazoles, and Lupragen® types are curing agents for thermoset composites. They are used as hardeners in the formulation of polyurethane composites. Depending on the requirements BTC’s curing agents allow

  • long work-life (1-2 days),
  • fast cure at elevated temperatures (100 – 180 C),
  • excellent high temperature properties and chemical resistance
  • good adhesion on metals.

Our vinyl monomers are an alternative to styrene in composite formulations.

BTC’s Baxxodur® curing agents cover a broad spectrum of features. They are available with

  • moisture and temperature resistance,
  • high strength,
  • good toughness,
  • excellent adhesion,
  • high peel strength,
  • excellent flexibility.

Further products for the composites industry

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About BTC

BTC Europe is BASF's European sales organization for small and medium-sized customers focused on specialty chemicals. Our solutions for thermoset composites cover the major ones like unsaturated polyester, epoxy, polyurethane, acrylics and UV systems.