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Dispersions > for glass and mineral fibres

These days materials made of glass or mineral fiber are indispensable for many construction applications. They are, for example, used in insulation mats, acoustic panels or wall paper. Glass fiber nonwovens also strengthen PVC floors, bitumen roofing sheets or plaster boards and protect the surface of fiber-strengthened plastic. Above all our Acronal®, Acrodur® and Saduren® brands offer tailor-made bonding technologies that help turn relatively brittle fiber into easy-to-process and functional materials. Depending on the application, these are made particularly water-repellent, dimensionally stable, heat-resistant and non-aging by our binders.




BTC’s range of acrylic and styrene acrylic Acronal® dispersions covers both selfcrosslinking and non selfcrosslinking dispersions. 
Our Acrodur® acrylic resins are available as aqueous solution. They are without formaldehyde release. 
Saduren® is a melamine-formaldehyde resin.


BTC’s Acronal® types with specific properties and Acrodur®types without formaldehyde release, give the best performance for mineral and glass fibers. Our Saduren® products are completing the range with a Melamine resin and Urea resin as crosslinking agents.
Finished glass and mineral nonwovens improve many applications like insulation mats, acoustic panels, wall paper, PVC floors, bitumen roofing sheets or plaster boards.