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Dispersions > for natural fibres

Composites made of natural fiber such as hemp, sisal or flax are dimensionally stable, show good fracture behavior and yet are light-weight. For these reasons car makers increasingly use them for light-weight car parts such as door linings, glove boxes and car ceilings. In addition, the use of natural fiber components makes new design options available for car interiors.

In addition to high environmental compatibility, Acrodur® guarantees simple handing, a smooth assembly and ductility of semi-finished products and properties that are perfectly adjusted to the material. Construction materials that are used inside the house need to meet the highest standards when it comes to health protection. Therefore, BTC offers environmentally friendly waterbased acrylic resins, which do not contain any ingredients that release formaldehyde, for interior applications such as floors, ceilings and wall coverings.

Our water-based and formaldehyde-free crosslinking binders sold under the Acrodur® brand name lend adhesive and strengthening properties to various types of natural fiber and, by doing so, facilitate environmentally friendly solutions particularly for car interiors. In the construction industry, natural fibers bonded with Acrodur® can be used for internal partitioning, insulation material, wall cladding and floor coverings as well as for roof construction.




BTC’s Acronal® types for natural fibres are acrylic dispersions. BTC offers both, self-crosslinking and not self-crossing Acronal® dispersions. 
Our Acrodur® types for natural fibres are acrylic resins. They are self-cross-linking and without formaldehyde release. 


Acrodur® is a binding agent for natural fibers. As a water-based system, Acrodur® offers an alternative to formaldehyde containing or solvent born resins and therefore guarantees safe, simple and environmentally compatible handling. Fiber composites made of cork, wood or bast fibers such as kenaf and flax are dimensionally stable, have good fracture behavior and are light weight. This offers a wide range of applications like door linings, storage compartments, car interior parts, insulation materials, panels, etc.