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Astaxanthin > for intensifying pink pigmentation of fish and crustaceans

Astaxanthin is found in abundance in nature, particular in marine species. It occurs in tissue, ovaries, skin and organs of various fish species and crustaceans as well as in skin, feathers and ovaries of various bird species. The substance can also be found in algae and fungal species.
Crustaceae and fish are reliant on carotenoid intake from the food chain because they cannot synthesize astaxanthin de novo. Astaxanthin has a vitamin A activity in combination with antioxidative immune stimulating properties and increases the reproduction rate in fish.




Lucantin® Pink swells slowly in cold water, more rapidly in warm water (40°C) and finally disintegrates to form a dispersion.
Lucantin® Pink CWD is a cold water dispersible formulation for the use in pre- and post-extrusion applications. Both products contain at least 10% Astaxanthin (3,3’-dihydroxy-4,4’-dioxo-ß-carotene).


Lucantin® Pink and Lucantin® Pink CWD are applied both as feed additive which intensifies the pigmentation of fish and crustaceae. Both astaxanthin formulations Lucantin® Pink and Lucantin® Pink CWD are suitable to intensify the typical pink colour of fish and crustaceans.