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Canthaxanthin > for intensifying red pigmentation of egg yolk, broiler skin, fish and crustacean

Canthaxanthin is naturally occurring in birds (feathers), fish, crustaceae, insects, fungi (e.g., Cantharellus cinnabarinus), algae and in many other organisms. Canthaxanthin is carotenoid which is usually applied for egg yolk, broiler skin and salmonid fish pigmentation.




Lucantin® Red is a dry powder formulation which swells slowly in cold water, more rapidly in warm water (40°C) and finally disintegrates with the formation of a dispersion.
Lucantin® Red CWD disperses in cold water to form a fine dispersion comprising nano-sized particles of the active ingredient (canthaxanthin). Lucantin® Red CWD is a cold water dispersible formulation for post-extrusion and post-pelleting applications.
Lucantin® Red and Lucantin® Red CWD contain at least 10% Canthaxanthin (4,4’-dioxo-ß-carotene).


Lucantin® Red (canthaxanthin) and Lucantin® Red CWD are widely applied as a feed additive delivering red pigmentation. In poultry pigmentation, canthaxanthin is used to impart a red colour to egg yolks and to broiler skin. Used in conjunction with yellow pigments, canthaxanthin increases yolk colour intensity to meet market demands for golden-orange yolks. In the pigmentation of salmonid fish, canthaxanthin is used in the feed in order to achieve a desirable colouration of the flesh.