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Citranaxanthin > for intensifying red pigmentation of egg yolk

Citranaxanthin is a red carotenoid and it is used exclusively in poultry rations in order to impart redness to egg yolks. Citranaxanthin, a close relative of the yellow pigment C-30 ester, is efficiently assimilated and deposited in yolks, where it contributes to the consumer appeal of eggs and egg products. Used in conjunction with yellow pigments, citranaxanthin increases yolk colour intensity to meet market demands for golden-orange yolks.




Lucantin® CX Forte is a powder formulation which swells slowly in cold water, more rapidly in warm water (40°C) and finally disintegrates to form a dispersion. Lucantin® CX Forte contains at least 10% citranaxanthin (5’, 6’-dihydro-5’-apo-18’-nor-ß-carotene-6’-one).


Lucantin® CX Forte (citranaxanthin) can replace canthaxanthin over the entire dosage range at a constant factor of 1.5:1, resulting in the same pigmentation efficiency.