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Omega-6 fatty acids - rumen protected > for dairy cows

Omega-6 fatty acids are influencing dose-dependent the milk fat content in dairy cows, mainly in early lactation. Based on that, a lot of positive effects on milk yield and fertility in dairy cows are described in the scientific literature. A rumen protected formulation was developed for the application, which is sold under the brand name Lutrell® pure.




Lutrell® Pure is a rumen-protected powder formulation of omega-6 fatty acids (CLA). It contains at least 10% omega-6 fatty acids (CLA). It is suitable for all types of vitamin blends, premixes, mineral, and mixed feeds.


Lutrell® Pure is used in feeding of dairy cows. The standard recommendation is to apply 50g Lutrell® Pure per cow and day from day 20 before calving until day 60 to 100 after calving. This flexibility is possible in order to fit into the feeding schedule of the individual herd.