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Propionic acid > for animal nutrition

BTC’s Luprosil® propionic acid has a pronounced antimicrobial action. It acts on mould, yeasts, and bacteria. The preservative effect of propionic acid derives from intervention in the carbohydrate metabolism and DNA synthesis of the microorganisms. The preservation of compound feed and feed raw materials with Luprosil® propionic acid prevents nutrient losses and mycotoxin formation.




Luprosil® is pure propionic acid (99.5%), highly effective in the applications, but as a corrosive liquid it requires special safety measures for transport, storage, handling and use.

Lupro-Grain® is a partly buffered propionic acid product. Therefore, the product is just irritant, easier to handle, and has a reduced odour compared to pure propionic acid.


Luprosil® NC is a nearly completely neutralized propionic acid product with a pH value of 6.8, which has easier and safer handling properties, but requires higher dosages of product compared to Luprosil® (99.5%) or Lupro-Grain. Luprosil® NC is a non-corrosive product.


Luprosil®, Lupro-Grain®, and Luprosil® NC are used

  • for the preservation of compound feeds,
  • for the preservation of moist grain and other feed raw materials, and
  • as silage additives.