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Glycinate trace element products > for animal nutrition

A shortage of trace elements can result in a number of problems in animal husbandry: a weaker immune system, a lower rate of reproduction and too little productivity in general. But how can important trace elements such as iron, zinc and copper be incorporated into animal feed in the most effective way possible? For instance, one disadvantage of conventional solutions is that the trace element particles are very small and dusty and cannot be mixed in very easily. As a consequence, the body does not ingest the product efficiently, resulting in considerable quantities of trace elements being excreted again. This makes handling difficult and has a negative impact on the environment.




With its glycinate product range, BTC Europe now offers an alternative, developed by BASF Nutrition & Health, which elegantly solves all these problems. Organically-bonded trace elements like glycinates are usually characterised by a very high level of bioavailability. BASF's solution goes one step further: the new glycinate product range offers an exceptionally high degree of complexation, at between 90 and over 95 percent. This in turn has a direct positive impact on the bioavailability and water solubility.  


BTC's glycinate product range comprises copper, iron, manganese and zinc. Thanks to the patented production process, the glycinate particles offer a consistent content of complexed trace elements and exhibit excellent flow properties. This makes it easier to distribute them evenly in every type of animal feed. The particles can be mixed in very well and are dust-free, making them extremely easy to handle. The glycinates are suitable for all types of premix and mineral and compound feed.
The glycinates are available in the following versions:

  • Copper glycinate: Important for many enzymes, the formation of connective tissue and the immune system
  • Iron glycinate: Important for blood cells, enzymes, antioxidative processes and energy conversion
  • Manganese glycinate: Important for connective tissue, the reproductive system and protection against oxidation
  • Zinc glycinate: Important for bone formation and the healing process of hooves, hair and skin as well as for the immune system and many metalloproteins


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