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Choline chloride > for feed manufacturers

Physiological importance

Choline, which is included in the vitamin B group (vitamin B4), occurs principally as a methyl group donator. These so-called “labile methyl groups“ CH3 groups are absolutely necessary for the formation of vital bodily substances, for example creatine and adrenaline, and in fat conversion and other metabolic reactions. Moreover, choline has other functions in the metabolism as a building block in which it can be replaced neither by betaine nor by methionine (so-called essential choline requirement).


Choline Chloride 



BTC’s Choline Chloride is a liquid solution with a concentration of 75% Choline Chloride for use in animal feed. Choline Chloride 75% is stable. Depending on the temperature and oxygen content, choline chloride in liquid form behaves corrosively to a varying extent. Only very specific materials are suitable for the storage and processing of Choline Chloride 75%. Material recommendations for storage and application equipment have to be respected.


The direct addition of liquid Choline Chloride 75% to the feed mixer as an individual component has proved suitable. Problems in the premix are thus avoided.