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Nawigujcie Państwo przez nasz świat chemikaliów oraz zastosowań i proszę znaleźć, jakie rozwiążanie najbardziej pasuje do Państwa potrzeb

Additives > for rheology modification and thickening


Sterocoll® (Synthetic thickeners), Acrosol® (Cobinders), Basocoll® (Strengtheners), Urecoll® (Strengtheners)


BTC offers a variety of coating additives like synthetic thickeners, acrylic cobinders and crosslinkers for the enhancement of coating strength. 


Coating additives influence the coating process by optimizing the runnability of the coating colour on the coater. They also steer the viscosity, the water retention and the foaming tendency / air content. Furthermore they influence the properties of the coating on paper and paperboard, like binding strength and printability.