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Next to chemicals like surfactants and polymers BTC now also offers LavergyTM enzymes for the detergents and cleaners industry. BASF proteases are increasingly important to the performance of detergent formulations helping to degrade and remove blood, milk and egg stains from fabrics. Utilizing combinations of proteases with classical chemical ingredients allow for the creation of cleaning products optimized to specific applications, markets requirements, and performance claims; such as superior performance at low temperature (30°C and below) in concentrated liquid detergents

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Properties of our Lavergy™ enzymes

Our Lavergy™ Pro enzymes are clear, yellowish aqueous solutions of subtilisin (protease) with 50-53%, 1,2 propanediol. Enzymes are sensitive biopolymers, therefore proper handling and storage guidelines are important to keep enzymes stable. The Lavergy™ Pro enzymes have a shelf life of at least 24 months in their original sealed packaging at the recommended storage temperatures, +2°C till +25°C.

To ensure the enzyme performance within a detergent formulation, the enzyme compatibility and stability are key. Extended stability of protease in detergents is only possible by choosing the right ingredients and formulating around the enzyme. Denaturation respectively proteolytic degradation of enzymes is triggered by several formulation-specific parameters like chemical, physical interactions with the enzyme in the liquid detergent formulation. Overall the following parameters are important for better formulation stability:

  • pH range between 6 - 8.5,
  • avoid chemicals capable of oxidizing or covalently reacting with the active site (e.g. oxygen bleaches),
  • maintain sufficient level of cofactor (e.g. metal cations like Ca ),
  • reduction of water activity,
  • specific stabilizers such as borate,
  • incorporation of hydrogen-bonding solvents such as: sugars,
    sugar alcohols (e.g. sorbitol), polyols (e.g. propylene glycol). 

Applications of our Lavergy™ enzymes

Our Lavergy™ enzymes are key performance ingredients in detergents. Protease, one of the most used enzyme in laundry formulations, supports the removal of protein based stains.

Lavergy Pro enzymes are particularly efficient in removing stains such as egg, blood, milk, blueberry and grass, especially in cold washing temperatures below 30°C. Lavergy Pro enzymes are liquid proteases, enhancing the cleaning performance in laundry formulations (detergents) such as:

  • Light duty,
  • heavy duty,
  • special delicate care, colour care, improved whiteness, ecolabel range,
  • normal, concentrated or liquid monodose (capsules, caps or pouches).

When combined with further additives like high performance polymers for detergent formulations, real synergistic cleaning performance is achievable. These combinations enable previously unseen performance boost, formulation optimization, and performance claims for the detergent manufacturer and the end consumer.

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BTC Europe is BASF's European sales organization for small and medium-sized customers focused on specialty chemicals. Our solutions for the detergents and cleaners industry cover surfactants, enzymes, polymers and performance polymers, complexing agents, and colourants.