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Inhibitors > for the corrosion protection of metals

BTC offers for the metal working industry especially in the field of metal treatment corrosion inhibitors under the brands Korantin®, Lugalvan®, and Golpanol®. Corrosion is a reaction between a metal and its environment which results in loss of metal. Thus, the metal surface is treated to improve the corrosion resistance by electroplating. During the procedure of metal surface treatment corrosion inhibitors are applied.

The market offers a broad range of corrosion inhibitors which differ in the mode of action. BTC’s range of corrosion inhibitors belong to the class of interface inhibitors. They are used in the liquid phase and their mode of action based on forming mono-molecular layers on the substrate, or they are electro acceptors. Thus they are physically adsorbed or chemically polymerized on the surface to be protected.




Depending on the treatment conditions versatile products are useable. Korantin®, Lugalvan® or Golpanol® products are applied in a liquid phase. The products (liquid or solid) are easily to dissolve in water or in many organic solvents.


Depending on the chemistry BTC’s corrosion inhibitors are preferably used in alkaline or acidic conditions. Our Korantin®, Lugalvan® or Golpanol® products are suitable for

  • stainless steel,
  • mild steel,
  • aluminium,
  • zinc,
  • copper.
Neutral to alkaline / pH 6-14
 Stainless SteelMild SteelAluminiumZincCopper
Korantin® TC-SH+++++++++
Korantin® MAT++++O++
Acidic conditions / pH 4-6
Korantin® MAT++++--
Korantin® TC-SHO++OOO
Lugalvan® P+++OOO
Lugalvan® BPC 48++++++O
Korantin® BH++++O
Lugalvan® HS 1000+++++O
Golpanol PME+++++O
Golpanol PAP+++++O
Golpanol PA+++++O
Strong acidic conditions / pH 1-4
Korantin® BH++++O
Lugalvan® HS 1000+++++O

 ++ => highly recommended  / + => recommended / O => better alternatives available / - => not recommended

About BTC

BTC Europe is BASF's European sales organization for small and medium-sized customers focused on specialty chemicals. Our solutions for metal and anti-corrosion protection cover also Silicates > for corrosion inhibition in water systems (pipes)