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UV light stabilizers > based on excited state quenchers technology

The use of light stabilizers is essential in many formulations that are exposed to light (e.g. transparent packaging). Both UV light and visible light can cause serious stability problems, resulting in colour degradation, fragrance loss or viscosity changes. Light stabilizers such as BTC’s Tinogard® Q grades meet these demands. They are based on excited state quencher (ESQ™) technology.




Tinogard® Q is suitable for many aqueous or alcohol based formulations over a wide pH range. It significantly reduces degradation reactions caused by (UV)-light. Combinations of Tinogard® Q with other Tinogard® UV light stabilizers offer synergistic effects.
Tinogard® QS is water free and has an improved compatibility with oils. It can therefore also be incorporated into oil phases and fragrances. It significantly reduces degradation reactions caused by UV light. Combinations of Tinogard® QS with other Tinogard® UV light stabilizers enable synergistic effects.


Tinogard® types are used in personal care formulations which are exposed to UV radiation.