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Opacifiers > for shower and bath products

BTC’s product portfolio includes opacifiers such as the Lamesoft® type performance wax dispersions and polyacrylate-based Euperlan® type dispersions.


Euperlan®, Lamesoft®


Euperlan® PCO is a classic opacifier for opaque body and hair cleansing preparations which can be add directly to the formulation (no pre dissolving step necessary).
Lamesoft® TM Benz is a performance wax dispersion for opaque body and hair cleansing preparations.
Lamesoft® Care shows conditioning performance in shampoos and caring body washes and gives an opaque appearances.


An opaque, white appearance is preferred in emulsion-like milky shower and bath products. Opacifiers help achieve a richer appearance and increase the visual viscosity of products in surfactant-based formulations. Opacifiers are used for richer-looking shower and bath products.